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Women in Tech: What’s the real story?

In this guest post from Toptal, we take a deep dive into the stats to see the real picture when it comes to women in tech.

Women in tech: the numbers

30 percent

30% is a widely accepted number used to describe the number of women in the tech industry.

But at companies like Google, Facebook and Slack, a considerably lower number of women hold technical roles within those organisations – 18% at Google, 16% at Facebook, and 18% at Slack.

technical roles

And across Europe, less than 7% of tech positions are filled by women. This is in spite of the fact that 28% of CS Master’s degrees go to women.

europe 7percent

And when we look globally, we find that women are a minority in tech leadership around the world:

world leadership

Why is there so much disparity?

Historically, just 7% of founders accepted to seed accelerators like YC are women.

And by the mid-career mark, 72% of men stay in tech, compared to only 44% of women.

men mid career women mid career

The lack of diversity across tech, especially when it comes to leadership, hurts everyone. When leadership is homogeneous like this:


Here’s why it matters

In the US alone, 56% of individuals holding professional jobs identify as women, and 60% of individuals attaining a Bachelor’s degree are women – the numbers don’t add up.

And gender balance makes for better teams. It’s been proven time and time again that diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth.

even balance

Shifting from an all-male — or all-female — office to one split evenly along gender lines can increase revenue by 41%. Additionally, businesses with a woman on the executive team receive valuations that are 64% larger in the first round and 49% larger in the last round.


Diverse teams consistently outperform homogeneous teams across the board.


There are a number of factors at play here, and no one can determine exactly why the number of women in tech is so low. What we can do is work towards improving gender diversity and building better teams.

encourage diversity


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This post originally appeared at Toptal, where the Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women program is open internationally to aspiring computer scientists, software engineers, and developers. 

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