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Meet the experts who empower teams to reach their full potential. Clearvision’s success is down to its employees and how well they work together.
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Meet the team

Gerry Tombs


Gerry is the Founder and CEO of Clearvision. His main duties include problem-solving and heading the innovation team. He enjoys being outside in the fresh air and playing sports — mainly swimming, cycling and windsurfing in a warm climate. He is an avid supporter of Southampton FC and given the opportunity, he’d be happy to travel just about anywhere to watch F1 live.

Aaron Rowsell

Global Contractor Manager

Aaron is responsible for vetting new contractors to the network as well as attending to new business as the subject matter expert. When he’s not working he enjoys watching box sets and sports, going to the gym and spending time with his family.

Abdul Khalid

Market Growth Hacker

Abdul is a Growth Marketer in the Innovation team at Clearvision. His duties include formulating strategies and testing them for products in various markets. You’ll find him in Bangalore procrastinating about being busy, exploring new pizza spots, socialising with friends, advocating crypto, ideating on business problems, and tuning into the avid startup culture in Bangalore.

Alex Chaderin

Atlassian Certified Technical Consultant

Alex’s responsibilities include performing upgrades, migrations, troubleshooting, providing technical support, and configuring Atlassian tools. Outside of work, he enjoys playing football and going to the gym.

Alex McCarthy

Delivery Consultant Trainee

Alex is a Delivery Consultant Trainee at Clearvision. He has previous experience working in software development and graduated in 2020 from the University of Southampton with an integrated Masters in Physics and Astronomy.

Amber Corless

Senior License Specialist

Amber plays an integral role in the Sales Operations team. Her top priority is the satisfaction of customers and keeping the Sales team happy as she assists them daily. She is also a qualified hairdresser and enjoys spending time with family and travelling.

Ben Mead

Senior Sales Executive

As a Senior Account Executive, Ben prides himself in assisting Clearvision’s enterprise clients with their digital transformation initiatives. Reporting to the CRO, Ben is tasked with strategic relationship building; his primary mission is to help unleash the potential of every team.

In his free time, he enjoys taking his two Labradors on country walks, learning DIY skills in the home and garden, amateur trading, learning about the metaverse and all things automotive.

Cicily Joseph

Application Support Engineer

Cicily is the US-based Application Support Engineer. Her job is to identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues to ensure supported clients are happy. Outside of work, she loves traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Dan Plumbley

Pre-Sales & Customer Success Specialist

Dan is a Pre-Sales and Customer Success Specialist at Clearvision. His job is to help develop new products, and ensure customers are using the products they have to their full potential. Dan’s hobbies include hiking, sports such as football and archery, woodworking, and model painting.

Darren Bowles

Solution Consultant

Darren started working for Clearvision in 2010. He is a Certified Trainer who specialises in Atlassian and Git solutions. In his free time, Darren enjoys gaming and taking part in most sports.

Emma Howe

Product and Innovation Manager

Emma’s role involves managing linear innovation for existing product lines and validating and accelerating new market ideas. She also minimises risk and provides reassurance to the business that a product or investment is fit for purpose. She is CIM qualified with a background in marketing strategies and new product development. She has two very naughty house rabbits and in her spare time, she enjoys running, paddle boarding and travelling to as many countries as she can.

Fran Snelgrove

Technical Project Manager

Fran is a Prince2 Qualified Technical Project Manager with over twenty years of experience in the IT industry having worked in support, consultancy, and PMO. Fran loves being part of a strong team and gains satisfaction from a job well done. In her spare time, she enjoys socialising with friends and family, reenactment, motorcycling, and caring for her two Cairo cats.

Frankie Gofton

Sales Executive

Frankie is responsible for generating business. He is a Pompey fan and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Gary Blower

Senior Solution Architect

Gary is an all-round expert in collaboration software. In his spare time, he runs a board game club in Kent, hosts a weekly podcast, and is Canterbury’s Branch Secretary for the Campaign for Real Ale.

Giles Knights

ClearHub Product Manager

Giles is a member of the ClearHub team (the world’s only dedicated Atlassian Contractor Network with over a thousand Atlassian experts). His role in ClearHub involves helping companies such as Apple, AstraZeneca and IKEA with their management of the Atlassian Suite and Agile transformations.

Hannah Waller

Events Manager

Hannah has over twenty years of experience in the events industry. In her spare time, she plays the piano, guitar and likes running and eating chocolate (not at the same time).

Jack Case

Customer Success Manager

Jack is a Customer Success Manager at Clearvision. His role is to create a long term, technically engineered, and professionally aligned journey to maximise Clearvision and customer value. His hobbies include golf, badminton, and spending time with his family. He is also a big fan of Marvel and Star Wars.

Jade Webster

Contracts and Legal Compliance Officer

Jade is the Contracts and Legal Compliance Officer at Clearvision. Her role is to work alongside fellow Visionaries to ensure compliance across the business. Her hobbies include travelling, paddle boarding, and walking her dog Buddy.

Jagmail Potiwal

Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive, Jagmail’s duties include assisting new and existing customers with their software and support needs.

Jake Churcher

Head of Products

Jake is passionate about technology and is a cloud enthusiast. He has been in the IT industry for over ten years and works closely with the Senior Leadership Team at Clearvision to align business and technology. His focus is on enabling teams to reach their full potential, which he achieves by taking them to the cloud with innovative, forward-looking technologies.

James Cole

Sales Manager

James thoroughly enjoys mentoring, training and coaching the Sales team with new and innovative techniques to enhance business efforts. He enjoys sailing and travel, preferably at the same time!

James Stride

Application Support Engineer

James perseveres to resolve the issues of hosted and supported clients. James relishes in in-depth troubleshooting and pursuing a solution. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and eating pizza.

Jim Rogers

Web Developer

Jim has worked in various Marketing and Web Dev teams over the last ten years. He loves building websites and in his spare time, writing and recording music and hanging out with his family.

Joe Creighton

Group Financial Controller

Joe Creighton keeps all things finance in check for the business at both an operational and strategic level within the Senior Leadership Team. When he’s not in his element (buried inside a good spreadsheet), he enjoys football (Saints), music (Indie), and dogs (all of them).

Joe Wilson

Marketing and Business Development Coordinator

Joe Wilson assists the Marketing team with various tasks in any way he can. He’s a huge film fan, supports the greatest team on the South Coast (Portsmouth FC), and volunteers in a record shop in his spare time.

Joseph Macklai

Internal Project Coordinator

Joseph ensures the business is supported in an efficacious manner. When he’s not working, Joseph enjoys travel and photography.

Jon Olsen

Commercial Officer

Jon assists the Sales, Customer Services, and Delivery team with commercial support covering quotes, proposals, customer queries, RFIs, tenders, escalation points for commercial issues and C&Ns, as well as shape commercial processes and practices. Outside of work, he enjoys marathon running, cycling, triathlons and trekking having ticked off Kilimanjaro, the Inca Trail, and Everest Base Camp. He appreciates a craft ale as a great way to replace calories well spent!

Kathryn Tombs

Chief People Officer (CPO)

Kathryn is the Chief People Officer (CPO), Company Secretary, and Co-Founder of Clearvision. She is passionate about how people perform and develop and has been a member of CIPD for over thirty years. She loves swimming, travelling, reading, and watching Saints play football in her spare time.

Kelly Spring

Customer Sales Support Adviser

Kelly is a Customer Service Representative at Clearvision. Her job is to support the sales team and customers in creating quotes for licences. She has a personal interest in beauty therapy and enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Leanne Wiseman

Customer Sales Support Adviser

As a Customer Sales Support Adviser at Clearvision, Leanne’s job is to assist the sales team and aid customers. Outside of work she enjoys musical theatre, live music, eating out, and spending time with friends and family.”

Lewis Lovelock

IT Operations Manager

Lewis specialises in Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is also Clearvision’s undisputed winner of GoKarting.

Mehrnaz Karimi

Content Marketing Executive

Mehrnaz (Naz) creates content for Clearvision and has a background in journalism. Having worked in busy newsrooms, she has an impressive turnaround and her work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and blogs. When she’s not taking part in some sort of physical activity, she’s working on her creative writing.

Mike Clark

Application Support Engineer

Mike enjoys an analytical approach to work. With several years of Atlassian experience, he delivers customer excellence daily, which is highly valued by his colleagues and clients. In his spare time, he enjoys running and days out with the family.

Mike Fenner

Technical Delivery Consultant

Mike likes to help and advise people on ways to resolve issues. Outside of work, he and his wife are kept entertained by their Springer Spaniel, Maggie.

Nick Williamson

Technical Recruiter

Nick is a Technical Recruiter for Clearvision’s sister company ClearHub and is a mind reader when it comes to finding the right candidate. Outside of work he enjoys golf, kettlebells, and anything diet-related.

Nigel Budd

Global Client Services Manager (Architects)

Nigel is head of the Solution Architects team at Clearvision. His role is to coach teams on delivering value more rapidly within a culture of experimentation, learning, and relentless improvement. Outside of work he enjoys reading, photography, and days out with his family.

Parand Aflaki

Project Manager

Parand is a Prince2 Qualified Project Manager and all-round team player with a very customer-focused mentality. She loves reading, photography, travelling, and spending time with her family.

Paul Bestic

Senior Sales Executive

Paul Bestic is a member of the Sales team, and his job is to help businesses solve their Atlassian challenges. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling as much as possible and exploring new parts of the world.

Paul Christie

Senior Training Consultant

Paul Christie is the Head of Training at Clearvision and has previously worked in Service Desk and software development roles. He is an accomplished formal educator and is in his element when helping teams embrace new methodologies and tools. He keeps his skills fresh as an ad-hoc hobbyist developer/programmer.

Paul Renshaw

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Paul Renshaw loves solving problems, technology, financial history, music, and football. He is originally from Manchester (well Stockport really).

Phoebe Podmore

Project Administrator

Phoebe is a Project Administrator at Clearvision. Her role is to support the Project Management team and fellow Visionaries with project updates and daily operations. She lives by the coast and her hobbies include art, design, and spending time with friends and family.

Philip Armour

Solution Architect

Philip has been working in software development environments since 1998. He is certified in Jira Administration, Jira Software, Agile Development, and as a Mendix Rapid Developer. He is also an SME in Git and Git-hosting technologies. He enjoys the varied challenges which consulting work brings and looks forward to helping teams improve their software tool landscape and usage.

Reece Millar

Proposal Officer

Reece is the Proposal Officer at Clearvision. Before this, he spent five years in the Project Management team. Outside of work, he enjoys football and assisting his partner in the kitchen.

Rich Down

Assistant Accountant

Rich is the Assistant Accountant at Clearvision. He deals with the day to day running of the accounts department. Outside of work, he enjoys football and spending time with his family.

Rob Lowry

Marketing Support Executive

Rob is a Marketing Support Executive at Clearvision. His role is vast as it involves supporting all of the members of the marketing team. His hobbies include football, movies and listening to hip-hop. He is also a massive petrol head, with a love for 90s sports cars.

Rodolfo Gouveia

Cloud Specialist

Rodolfo is a Cloud Specialist who has been at Clearvision since 2015.

Rosie Blandford

Project Administrator

Rosie is a Project Administrator at Clearvision. Her role is to support the Project Management team and fellow Visionaries with project updates and daily operations. She enjoys going on walks with her dog and creating unique graphic designs in her spare time.

Sam Elkins

PA to the CEO

Sam’s time is split between being PA to the SLT, the Accounts Team, and the Project Management team as a Business Support Executive. She has a varied list of duties but her main priority is reducing company debts and keeping the boss supplied with fresh cups of tea. She is always on hand to answer questions and provide support to her colleagues.

Sarah Allam

Customer Service Representative

Sarah is a Customer Service Representative at Clearvision having joined in the new year of 2021. Outside of work she enjoys learning new recipes, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.

Sergio Rendon

Head of Customer Experience

Sergio is the Head of Customer Experience at Clearvision. His main goal is to make customers the centre of what we do. He is a devoted family man with an interest in human behaviour, neuroscience, and sustainability. Sergio never stops learning and enjoys running, cooking, and mentoring.

Shaun Frost

Validation and Sales Specialist

Shaun is a member of the Innovations team. He researches, analyses, and markets potential new opportunities. Outside of work, he finds peace in the bitter disappointment of being an Aston Villa supporter by playing football, walking the dog, and socialising with friends.

Shona Moseley

US Sales Executive

Shona has been with Clearvision since 2016 and is located in Philadelphia (go Eagles!). She has over fifteen years of technical sales experience. Outside of work, she is an avid swimmer, ceramic artist, and mom to a daughter and dog. Shona loves giving back to the community through her voluntary work which involves tutoring children in an Episcopal school — fourth grade Math is hard!

Simon Wood

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Simon’s job is to keep the business on track and deliver against objectives. He is a dedicated family man and when he’s not being a taxi service to his three children, he enjoys reading (particularly business books), jogging, walking his dog, and attending to his allotment.

Sonia Elliott

HR Advisor

Sonia’s job is to support managers and Visionaries in daily operational matters relating to HR. Her hobbies include researching her family tree, visiting English Heritage sites and more recently, discovering a love of gardening.

Stefania Paolini

Sales Development Representative

Stefania is part of the Sales team. As a Sales Executive her duties include identifying opportunities and driving them forward, ready for the sales department to take over. When she is not working, Stefania loves spending time with her little girl and family. She loves cooking nice meals, travelling, working out, and sharing her passion for fashion on Instagram.

Suzy Lines

Talent Acquisition Manager

Suzy has fifteen years of experience in recruitment. Her job is to onboard the most talented and culturally perfect individuals. She enjoys further education in her spare time and anything beach-related.

Sydelle Holtham

Customer Success Manager

Sydelle is a Customer Success Manager at Clearvision. Her role is to onboard and develop strong relationships with new customers. She likes to keep active and enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods, and learning about different cultures. She also speaks fluent French and always tries to learn a little of the local language when travelling.

Tanwa Arewa

Technical Consultant

Tanwa is a Solution Architect at Clearvision. Her job is to assist and guide clients on their Atlassian suite journey. Her hobbies include walking and hiking, visiting different countries and watching tennis matches. She is looking to join cycling communities this year to improve and enjoy group rides.

Tom Bryant

Sales Executive

Tom is a member of the Sales team and is responsible for looking after new and existing clients. Outside of work, he enjoys being outdoors as much as possible either running, cycling, playing golf or travelling.

Tracy Goddard

Chief Services Officer (CSO)

Tracy is in charge of the Customer Delivery department and works alongside some of the brightest minds solving customer problems through a combination of business acumen, product knowledge, and experience. She loves being with her family, particularly her growing crew of grandchildren!

Tony Elias

Global Marketing Designer

Tony has been a designer for over 20 years, having worked with high-end global brands. He is responsible for all graphic-related materials including web pages, illustration, video editing, and animation. He has a passion for digital art and oil painting.

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