Direct Wines - Migrated away from a limited test director and adopted Jira and Confluence

  • Direct Wines Ltd (Laithwaite’s) needed to move away from the outdated legacy version of Mercury test director they were using in the run-up to releases and development, Jira was their saviour.

  • Clearvision offered an affordable solution that allowed them an unlimited amount of users.

  • Thanks to Clearvision, they’re now able to track tickets with ease and understand linking in a logical manner.

About Direct Wines

Laithwaite’s began in 1969, when geography student
Tony Laithwaite took a job washing bottles in Bordeaux.

After falling in love with wine and the people who make
it he soon borrowed a van to share the delicious wines with
friends and neighbours back home. Things went so well that
soon enough hundreds of little wineries all around the world
were queuing up to take part.

Today they’re the UK’s No.1 home-delivery wine merchant,
with over 1,500 wines to choose from red, white,
rosé, Champagne, Prosecco, even spirits.

Direct Wines Challenge

Direct Wines Ltd had systems in place for logging Service
Desk tickets but the way they were running their tests and
run up to releases was done on an old version of Mercury
test director, (now a part of ALM for HP). They needed an affordable alternative that offered more for their money — Jira was their saviour.
Their old license with Mercury limited the number of users
on a server at one time, resulting in one person being logged off whenever another person logged on.

The Solution

Clearvision helped Direct Wines adopt Jira which they
installed initially on a trial server before adopting it as a
part of their suite of systems. They introduced them to
Confluence which they also adopted and have been using
alongside Jira since 2012.

Clearvision also assisted in Project Management, enabling
Direct Wines to track releases so they’d know who to go to
if deadlines were missed.

Zephyr was also installed for Jira plugin which paved the
way for improvements, linking bugs, tests and stories.

Since then Direct Wines has contacted Clearvision for help in other areas. They are set to start their project later in the year.