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Find out how we’ve helped our customers – and what have to say about our services – in our case studies.
Salmon Case Study

Salmon up and running with the Atlassian suite!

Salmon wanted more visibility of teamwork and better communication between departments. This is why the organisation decided to adopt the Atlassian suite of tools, comprising of Jira Core, Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk and various plugins.

P&G Case Study

P&G & the Atlassian tools

Clearvision’s expertise in not only setting up JIRA, but in configuring JIRA’s architecture and design in time for startup, helped the pre-launch testing and subsequent quality of P&G’s websites greatly. According to the P&G team, Clearvision went even further in helping P&G.

Intelliflo Case Study

Intelliflo, Jira Implementation & Jira Service Desk

Clearvision’s work began when Intelliflo’s teams found that managing the Atlassian stack internally was distracting from tasks which added greater business value. Intelliflo decided to purchase Confluence, Atlassian’s collaborative wiki tool, along with a support period of 12 months.

RBS Case Study

RBS & the Atlassian Suite

RBS requested training for their teams, which Clearvision provided for 2000 people, educating them on JIRA best practices. Thanks to this training, RBS is now able to use Jira very efficiently, increasing their communication and collaboration within the various departments to improve the efficiency of work.

NetRefer Case Study

NetRefer & the Atlassian stack

NetRefer decided to adopt an assortment of Atlassian tools such as JIRA, JIRA Agile (now part of JIRA Software), JIRA Service Desk (JSD), Confluence and Crowd, along with JIRA add-ons like Tempo and Clearvision’s IT Support.

Music Choice Case Study

Music Choice – Jira and Confluence Implementation

Utilizing the suite of integrated products that Atlassian has to offer is allowing Music Choice to work through all phases of the SDLC in a single solution. Clearvision will stay close to Music Choice and be on hand should they need any support regarding their implemented tools.


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