University of Essex

Migrating & Supporting Jira Service Desk for the University of Essex during a global pandemic.

  • Experts at Clearvision helped the IT team at the University of Essex (UE), by migrating Jira Service Desk to a hosted Cloud solution.
  • An upgrade of the latest version of the application was installed after the switchover.
  • Support scaled with their use of JSD.
  • Complications caused by COVID-19 were mitigated with a speedy migration.

About The University of Essex

The University of Essex was established in 1963 and welcomed its first students in 1964, receiving a royal charter one year later.

Today they have 15,317 students and over 2100 employees.

The Challenge

The IT team at UE needed more support from their Atlassian provider at the time who could not keep up with demand:

  • JSD usage increased with more students and staff using it to submit requests.
  • The IT team needed more support.
  • With service and licence renewals fast approaching, they were short on time.
  • The global pandemic added pressure; they needed to find another partner and fast, or they’d be stuck with the same service provider.

The Solution

After much research, UE found Clearvision who migrated their instance of JSD to a hosted solution and performed a prior risk assessment, test migration, production migration, and go-live support all within a short period of time.


“The level of support we received during the rollout and migration was amazing, particularly as the switch occurred during an incredibly difficult week for us. They even helped with a problem that occurred after the migration due to an issue with our previous hosting provider!”