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If you’ve ever hired a tech professional, you’ll know how many agencies over-promise and under-deliver. That’s because they don’t  know their docker from their DevOps.

At ClearHub, we’re experts in what we know: Helping software development teams deliver more.

No one is better placed to help you when it comes to those mission-critical Atlassian tools: With answers from our certified support team 24/7.

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When your Atlassian software team needs to kick off a project, deploy some code, measure software security – and more – ClearHub has you covered.

With our pay-as-you go option and dedicated customer care, we’re 100% risk-free.

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Contractors to help your team work

ClearHub is the only place to find expert contractors specialising in Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and more, wherever you are in the world.


Jira Contractors

Including Jira system admins and Jira developers

Your Jira contractor will explore your business needs and work with you to provide an agile tool that will support departments from development to marketing.


Confluence Contractors

Including Confluence admins and developers

From structuring architecture, indexing documentation, managing user permissions and installing plugins, our contractors are ready to help you get ahead.

Bitbucket Contractors

Including software developers, architects and engineers

Whether you need help with your Cloud, Server or Data Center instance of Bitbucket, are migrating from an old repository manager, or just going the technical setup, we can help.

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Agile Experts

Including agile coaches, scrum masters and PMs

From scrum masters to agile coaches; our network contains the full range of agile experts – ready to develop an approach that works for you, and one that delivers the changes you need.

Hire the world's top Atlassian contractors

Jira System Administrator

Jessica is a Jira admin with strong experience in Jira, Confluence and more. She has significant experience working with Atlassian plugins and hosting technologies.

ClearHub | Jessica Harris Jira Admin

Jira & Confluence Experts

Mark has managed, maintained and tuned complex installations of Jira and Confluence as well as multiple source control tools and bespoke downstream systems.

ClearHub | Mark Atlassian Expert

Agile and Kanban Coach

Arthur is a kanban coach and software developer who has spent the last ten years helping companies implement agile methodologies into their development teams.

ClearHub | Arthur Kanban Coach

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