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What is DevOps?

The DevOps movement is all about empowering the partnership between development and operations teams, removing information silos and emphasising communication, collaboration, and integration.

A DevOps culture unites the agile and innovative nature of software development with the core tenets of operations — security, stability, and great customer experience.

Give your teams get the tools and practices to foster a culture of collaboration, release faster, accelerate time to resolution of critical issues, and manage unplanned work more simply than ever.

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Enabling DevOps

Teams that adopt DevOps deploy more often with fewer failures and faster recovery. To do this, they need the right tools to encourage a culture of collaboration.

The DevOps philosophy translates across your whole business. Collaboration needs to happen across different teams, departments, and even different locations. It's all about boosting transparency and breaking down barriers, regardless of industry. Get in touch today to discuss how DevOps can transform your teams.

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Why the Service Desk is the Heart of DevOps

According to ITIL, the service desk is the heart and face of IT - but what if your IT teams were empowered to do more? This webinar takes a look at DevOps from the point of view of the service desk.

Join Daniel Breston, Director Of Coaching and Continuous Improvement at Qriosity Limited, to learn how placing the service desk at the centre of your DEVelopment to OPerational lifecycle is a great practice to create, maintain and improve your software development and services, and how using the right software, like the Atlassian toolsuite, will help you make the Service Desk the heart of your customer lifecycle.

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DevOps and Atlassian

The Atlassian tools integrate together to bring you a scalable solution for your whole software development life cycle.

Release with confidence. Get full visibility into the status and progress of upcoming releases with Jira Software’s Release Hub.

Speed up your workflow. No more waiting on code review approvals. Improve code quality and move faster with pull requests.

Tie automated builds, tests and deployments together. Release faster with continuous integration and deployment from Bamboo.

Fewer failures, faster recovery. Fast track problems by linking Jira Software tickets to Jira Service Desk incidents.

Share knowledge. Centralize post-incident reviews and other documentation with links to Jira tickets for clear traceability.

Track incident escalation and trigger alerts whenever a blocker bug or service interruption requires immediate action.

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As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision's consultants bring unrivalled expertise to every project. For help implementing, configuring, and getting the most out of your Atlassian tools and integrations, and tailored advice on scaling your infrastructure, get in touch today.

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