Atlassian Data Center Hosting that meets your regulatory standards.

Can’t migrate to Cloud? Clearhost is the Atlassian Cloud alternative that offers secure data center hosting to give you peace of mind in an always on, high availability managed toolset.

Meet regulations & business requirements

Enhanced Backups & disaster recovery

High availability & Zero downtime upgrades

Data residency & security patching

How does ClearHost work.


Understanding our customer’s technical landscape coupled with a discovery/risk assessment to create a fit for purpose design.


A streamlined migration of your Atlassian apps. Whether it’s a lift & shift or a consolidation, we ensure your data is migrated securely and effectively.


Deploy Architecture and infrastructure in AWS as per your requirements, following Atlassian and AWS best practices.


If customers want to expand their practices, or operate a business as usual model, we have support, training and consultancy options available to keep you on your feet 24x7x365.

Offload self-managed tasks

Managing your own instances on prem means always playing catch-up.

A migration to ClearHost means freeing up valuable time.

Resources can be focused on more business centered objectives.

Cloud vs ClearHost

Features Atlassian Cloud ClearHost
Infrastructure Multi-tenant Dedicated instances
App upgrades Automatic upgrade to latest versions of the tools. Upgrade schedule under the customer's control.
Data residency Within US, European Union, or Australia. Customer can choose the hosting region.
Storage 250 GB file storage on standard tier. Storage capacity allocated based on sizing, fully scalable.
Uptime For standard - 99.95%
Enhanced SLA on higher tier.
99.9% uptime.
Backups Dedicated daily back-up stored in a separate location.
Roll back partial changes available.
Back-ip Data Retention - 28 Days as standard.
Daily back-up stored in spearate location.
Retained for 31 days standard.
Enhanced retention period and backup frequency available.

Cost of downtime

  • ($43.80 USD

    Average cost/hr. Of
    a developer in the
  • 1000)

    Number of developers
  • = $730.76 per minute

*Via Bloomberg/Payscale/IMG

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Cloud Migration that Keeps Your Business Running

We helped the team at Digitas migrate to the Cloud, measuring the scale of what they were trying to achieve and supporting them to ensure a smooth migration.

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