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Our powerful partner products all work seamlessly with your Atlassian stack – for more functionality and even greater control.

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Get help with GitLab from certified DevOps experts – with Clearvision’s consultancy and advisory services.


Apps that solve the biggest challenges of working in the Atlassian stack.


Training and licensing that helps developers deliver secure software faster.


Test and deploy faster, with an unlimited open-source support add-on.


Sort, store and distribute software components, with Sonatype Nexus.


We’ll help you build, manage and deploy quality software faster – with QMetry.


Self-managed GitLab instances can be complex. Clearvision makes them simple.


Get your Comala Workflows hosted and managed in the Cloud with ClearHost – powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Git Training for Teams

Git training courses for people at all skill levels, delivered by the experts.

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Revolutionise the way you work with Atlassian and IT applications – with our powerful suite of partner products.

Free Git Training and Learning Resources

Learn Git, with expert guides from Clearvision. Read blogs, download resources, listen to podcasts and join knowledge-filled webinars – all for free.

What to do when you commit to the wrong Git branch pt. 2

In this post, you’ll learn not only how to undo and commit to a new Git branch but how to move commits to another branch.

Clearvision in Conversation with Zephyr

Learn about testing in Excel, with Clearvision’s own Lewis Lovelock and Marc Ray of Zephyr.

Git 101 – Basics Guide

Our simple Git for beginners guide will give you everything you need to get started – plus a comprehensive cheat sheet.

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