Kill Confusion, with Atlassian Jira Service Desk Swarming

  • launch - Monday 4th February
  • ON DEMAND Webinar

Kill Confusion, with Atlassian Jira Service Desk Swarming

"This is an IT issue, no it's a Security problem. No, it's Customer Services!”

Sound familiar? Clearvision Solution Architect Gary Blower presents, ‘Kill Confusion, with Atlassian Jira Service Desk Swarming’.

Learn useful tips on how to make the most of models such as, Swarming and ChatOps, to ensure that the correct people are involved with major incidents from the start.

Providing clear and concise information when handling major incidents may seem like a given, but for many teams, it isn’t so easy.

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Is This Webinar for You?

There’s always a smarter way of doing things, even communicating with colleagues. This webinar explores how tools such as Jira Service Desk, can help you do this effectively, using advantageous techniques such as, Incident Swarming.

These free major incident hacks, are a a must-watch for anyone looking to kickstart 2019 the right way.

Learn all about how your teams could benefit in this webinar, and take away business critical tips and tricks for facilitating efficient communication and collaboration within multi-skilled teams.

Watch here, to save your business from making the same mistake.

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