Teamwork Transformed London

  • Tuesday 22nd May, 2018
  • 4PM - 8PM
  • London

Teamwork Transformed London

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Teamwork Transformed Webinar

This event took place on 22nd May 2018 | 4pm-8pm | Tanner Warehouse, London

Watch the webinar learn about teamwork, SDLC, ITSM and Teamify, with keynote speakers to help unleash your team’s potential.

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The Talks


Importance of Clear Lines of Communication when Handling Major Incidents

Gary Blower – Senior Technical Consultant – Clearvision

When handling major Incidents, it is fundamental to respond, communicate, and collaborate effectively. This presentation will examine how incident swarming facilitates efficient  communication and collaboration in the form of a single multi-skilled, multi-functional team. It will also examine how to provision effective incident swarming through ChatOps and understanding of people’s profiles, skills and reputations.

eazyBI for Software and Service Team Performance Analysis

Raimonds Simanovskis, Founder & Core Developer of eazyBI

Raimonds would show and explain a few report examples that are typically used in software and service projects to analyse team performance and to identify possible improvements.

The Talks

Software Development at Scale

Nigel Budd, Head of Client Services – Clearvision

Learn how to manage multiple teams to effectively build, test & release software.

Unlocking Your Teams Potential

Christina Bush & Kevin Garrett, Directors, Social Facilitators 

Now more than ever teams need agility and flexibility in both their working practices and their relationships. Find our more about how Teaming and Teamify Traits can help your people  unlock their potential, develop their flexibility and deliver more value to your organisation.