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What is DevOps?

Hosted by Clearvision, DevOps 101 is a free webinar that will help bring you closer to the answer to this sometimes tricky question. Explore what DevOps means and why it’s now so widespread, discover the benefits it can bring to your teams, and get to grips with the tools and processes that will help you adopt the DevOps mindset.


This webinar is for you if...

  • You want to bring the benefits of DevOps to your organisation
  • You’re overseeing a process of digital transformation
  • You’re not sure where to begin or how to make adoption a smooth process



Matt Muschol
Technical Director

1. What is DevOps?

You know the term “DevOps”, but it can be tricky to define what exactly it means, and tough to communicate the benefits it will bring your organisation. This talk will explore what we mean by DevOps, share real examples of what works when it comes to adoption, and give you tips on how to overcome objections to realise the full potential of your teams.

Nigel Budd
Head of Client Services – Clearvision

2. Exploring DevOps: Practices and Tools

Culture is a huge part of what makes you a “DevOps” company, but to foster the right culture and collaboration between the right people, you also need the right software in place. Discover how the Atlassian tools can give your teams the right platform to work together and eliminate silos.

3. Live Q&A

The live Q&A session at the end of the webinar will be your chance to pose your DevOps-related questions directly to Matt and Nigel.


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DevOps white papers

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Access Devops Library

Learn how, for the teams that use Atlassian tools, DevOps is the key to faster, higher quality releases. Discover how a strong relationship between your dev and ops teams, with the right tools and processes in place, is the key to software success.