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  • Performance at Scale: JIRA Data Center

    • Define "performance at scale"
    • Identify when and why performance issues are likely to occur
    • Master governance at scale
    • Learn in detail how to optimize JIRA Software Data Center
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  • The Secret to Legendary IT Service

    A white paper from Atlassian

    • Introduction: The Service Triple Threat
    • Chapter 1: Helping Customers Succeed
    • Chapter 2: The IT Service Desk
    • Chapter 3: Streamlining Service Management Across the Enterprise
    • Conclusion: Always Innovate
    • Epilogue: About Atlassian
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  • Team Empowerment: Insights 2017

    Empowering teams to reach their full potential

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    • DevOps with Atlassian

      • What is DevOps?
      • DevOps and Atlassian
      • Building Products, DevOps Style
      • Continuous Delivery for Infrastructure
      • Handling Incidents at Atlassian
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    • Agile: The right fit for the public sector?

      Adapt and respond quickly to changing priorities

      • Break down the challenges faced by the public sector
      • Cover the benefits of agile in the public sector
      • Learn how to implement and get the most out of software to support agile working
      • See the importance of transparency
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    • Server to Data Center: The tipping point

      • Identifying the "tipping point" in scaling your Atlassian tools
      • Tips on preparing, planning, and executing
      • An introduction to Data Center
      • What real users have to say
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    • Warning Signs of Ineffective Learning Environments

      Your warning sign checklist and guide to combating inefficient learning

      • Don't settle for ineffective, inefficient learning
      • Spot "training warning signs" early
      • Discover the solutions that will guide your teams to your ideal learning environment
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    • Hidden Speed Bumps on the Road to Continuous

      • 1. Software supply chains
      • 2. Avoid hidden surprises
      • 3. Be more agile
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    • The Future of Team Collaboration eBook

      • Collaboration tips from the experts - content from Clearvision, Brikit, Sonatype, Tempo and Zephyr
      • Covering testing, DevOps, agile methodologies, employee culture and more
      • Tools and trends fresh from The Future of Team Collaboration event
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    • The Essential Guide to Agile Business Strategy

      "Adapt or die" in the face of digital disruption

      • Break down your business strategy into clear areas for consideration
      • Suggest approaches for agile adoption and adaptations
      • Outline the importance of aligning your business culture with tools
      • Provide exclusive insights from industry thought leaders
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    • Challenges in Collaboration

      The enterprise guide to the future of teamwork

      • Discover the key challenges uncovered in our exclusive survey at the Atlassian Summit
      • Get analysis and stats around the trends for collaboration in the enterprise
      • Get to grips with the key solutions to your collaborative challenges
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    • 7 Steps to transforming your teams

      Learning is a journey. Don't start without a map.

      • Pre-training
      • Skills gap analysis
      • The practicalities
      • Methodologies
      • Structure
      • Participation
      • Post-training
      • + Checklist
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    • Git 101 – The Ultimate Guide

      • A brief introduction to Git
      • Creating a new repository
      • Making changes
      • Viewing history
      • Sharing code with others
      • Other resources
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    • Git 201 – Beyond the Basics

      What you’ve always wanted to know about Git but were too afraid to ask

      • Get to grips with Git commits and commit messages
      • Master the Git command line
      • Learn what to do when something goes wrong!
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    • JIRA Basics White Paper

      Learn JIRA in 30 minutes!

      • Perfect for beginners - cover the essentials and get up and running during your lunch break!
      • Great for onboarding
      • Set up your dashboard, create and assign issues and get to grips with projects
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    • Taking Control of Your Hosting

      • No more secutiry or data concerns
      • In depth knowledge of hosting options
      • Join the 80% of enterprise organizations who will be using cloud computing by 2016
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    • Collaboration Tools and Trends

      Lessons learned from Silicon Valley

      • Identify the challenges of collaborating at scale
      • Discover the latest collaboration trends
      • Improve processes to ensure that your work flows
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    • Modernising at Scale

      Effective collaboration in the era of Government Digital Services

      • Examine what the digital transformation of government means for collaboration within public sector organisations
      • Identify the underlying causes and set out steps to tackle these challenges by improving collaboration
      • Meet the Atlassian tools that are essential to collaboration and modernisation
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    • Process and Configuration Management White Paper

      • Identify and automate the boring stuff and get more productive!
      • Understand what you can and should automate.
      • Guide on how to introduce automation.
      • Insight into selecting the right tools for the job.
      • Written by Clearvision's expert consultants, the software development pros.
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    • Getting QA and Developers to Work Together

      Solving the headache of going Agile

      • How agile changes things
      • Working together to be more agile
      • How to create a unified team
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    • The Agile Way

      Guest content from QASymphony

      • A complete guide to understanding agile testing methodologies
      • For testers, QA managers, heads of DevOps, CIOs andanyone who manages application testing
      • Keep up with the constantly evolving world of agile
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