Team Empowerment: Insights 2017

Empowering teams to reach their full potential

In this eBook we’re bringing together leading voices in the collaborative software industry, to present you with a comprehensive overview of ways to approach collaboration and teamwork. From technology to work methodologies, this collection covers everything you need to identify the right combination of software and culture to truly empower your teams.

  • How do you solve a problem like people?
  • Managing agile efficiently with distributed teams
  • Collaboration in a New York minute
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In this eBook:

How Do You Solve a Problem Like People?


Tools and processes can boost teamwork, but human understanding is vital too.

Managing Agile Efficiently With Distributed Teams


Remote working – don’t let one of your key employee benefits become a managerial burden.

Collaboration in a New York Minute


How Comalatech helps thousands of NBCUniversal team members work better together.

Right People, Wrong System?


Make sure you equip your team with the tools for success.

How Visuals Power Team Collaboration


A picture can say more than just a thousand words. Find out how...

Context Through Coupling: Jira for On-Call Teams


With just a little effort – and the right tools – you can break down silos.

How Next-Gen ALM Tools Are Promoting Collaboration


Want to know how application lifecycle management tools like Zephyr can help your teams? Read on…

Secure Intranet in the Times of Cloud Services


Cloud tools are popular, but intranets still have an important role to play.

Cracking the Code of High-Performance Teamwork


How collaboration relies on a solid understanding of your team members.

The Rise of Modern Collaborative Performance Management


Do traditional strategies have a place in modern organisations?

What Your Future Self Wants to Know


The importance of understanding yourself and achieving the correct work-life balance.

Hacking Team Collaboration


Why does collaboration matter?