Getting cloud right in the Atlassian ecosystem – Webinar

Getting Cloud Right in the Atlassian Ecosystem, in partnership with Atlassian and Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Learn about the different Cloud options available and get answers from industry experts from our event that took place back in November 2019. 

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The Power of Managed Atlassian Hosting – Matt Muschol – Clearvision

Atlassian Cloud (SaaS) and Private Cloud are good options for the Atlassian Stack.

But what about managed hosting? In this talk, Matt explores who is most likely to benefit from managed hosting and how it differs from Atlassian Cloud and Private self-managed environments.

Reach for the Cloud – Miro Capka – Atlassian

With a strong focus on fast release cycles, enterprise readiness, and app offerings in the Marketplace, Atlassian has set the stage for large scale adoption of their Cloud platform.

Watch Miro’s talk to learn all about Atlassian Cloud. 

Getting the most from your Jira Migration in AWS – Andy Powell – AWS

You’ve made the decision to migrate your Jira Server instance to Jira Data Center on AWS. What are the next steps, what are the best practices  to execute your migration?

What are the best practices for running Jira Data Center on AWS?

In Andy’s talk you’ll get all the answers plus some  hidden AWS gems.

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Andrew Powell – AWS

Partner Solutions Architect – ISV Migrations EMEA at Amazon Web Services


Andy is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. He is the EMEA Technical Lead for the Amazon Partner Network ISV Workload Migration and SaaS Factory Programs and has worked extensively with ISVs for the last 15 years. Before AWS, he worked in SaaS product development and consulting for Fortune 50 organizations around the world.

Matt Muschol – Clearvision
Chief Technology Officer 

Matt became a leader in technology after spending 20 years in various software development and team leadership roles.

He is now Chief Technology Officer at Clearvision and oversees IT, Cloud Hosting, and Atlassian Support within the business and beyond.

Miro Capka – Atlassian
Senior Technical Partner Manager,
Marketplace Atlassian

Miro worked as a Technical Account Manager before supporting Gold and Platinum App Vendors in the Atlassian Ecosystem. In this talk, he covers Atlassian’s Cloud strategy and the purpose of his mission which is to facilitate and support the success path shared with App Vendors.