Git Version Control


Git version control system setup with Atlassian Bitbucket. Training, migration and support


Professional Git version control system for teams

Clearvision provides SDLC solutions to enable your teams to collaborate. We provide more the tools and the infrastructure, training and support to get your team working effectively using Git with Bitbucket

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Learn Git your way

    Courses for all abilities, in an environment that suits you.

    New to Git? Download our free Git 101 Guide!

    This simple guide will give you everything you need to get started with using a Git version control system

    • A brief introduction to Git
    • Creating a new repository
    • Making changes
    • Viewing history
    • Sharing code with others
    • Other resources

    Git simplified

    Technical expertise that won't bog you down with detail.

    Years of experience

    We've completed hundreds of projects in dozens of countries.

    Atlassian & Git

    Integrate Git with Bitbucket - work with Atlassian's premier partner.

    Git Health Check

    Investigating your infrastructure

    From performance issues to adopting Git “best practice”, a Git health check from Clearvision can get you on the right track and stop potential problems before they arise.

    Comprehensive Git Migration

    Keep what you need – migrate to Git safely with the Git migration specialists.

    ClearCase to Git

    With world leading experience of migrating from ClearCase to Git, you’re in safe hands with Clearvision. Project lengths range dependent on the complexity of your environment and amount of data, but rest assured with comprehensive migrations guaranteed.

    We’ll work with you to scope out the project, discuss compliance and concerns, and ensure that you and your stakeholders are completely satisfied.
    Migrate your history, including:

    • Baseline
    • Owner
    • Changes
    • Selected meta data (e.g. commit comment, version)

    Talk to a Clearvision Specialist Git Consultant

    Save time, avoid disruptions

    Clearvision will deal with the technical complexity and deliver a successful migration, with limited interruption to your development teams.

    Tailored to your needs

    Fulfil your migration requirements with our scalable process - we work with you to deliver the right data on time.

    You’re in safe hands

    As Git specialists we've helped a number of organisations worldwide migrate to Git, all following a best practice Git migration approach.

    You remain in control

    Scalable migration with knowledge transfer - you'll become a self-sufficient Git expert in no time with any scripts written for the migration now yours to keep.

    Git migration case study

    Our Git consultants worked with Teranet to migrate from ClearCase to Git, achieving remarkable benefits. Download the case study to learn more.

    Our library is authored by git experts, developers and  technical specialists to be relevant to you.