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Git Training from the Experts

Clearvision is the go-to Atlassian partner for Git training. We’ve accompanied teams of all sizes in adopting best practice and using Git to its fullest.

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Equipping you on your Journey…

Beginner, advanced, big teams or small - there are skills to be learned, and we're here to help you.

Second-to-none expertise with Git and Altassian.

Fully interactive lab exercises, with real-world scenarios to help cement learned skills.

 Git command line or UI based - it's your choice.

Ask us about Git training with Atlassian Bitbucket and other clients and interfaces!

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Please fill out the form to make your training enquiry.

Please fill out the form to make your training enquiry.

The end goal…

At the end of each training course, your teams will have been transformed into fully fledged Git aficionados. Clearvision's post-training materials will also reaffirm those new skills and knowledge through fun refreshers, to continue the learning journey far beyond the course.

This means you get the most out of your investment in our training, Git itself and your teams.

Who’s taken the journey?

  • Great course! I feel I got a lot of new skills and feel confident to start to use Git as a part of my team work. The trainer did an impeccable job, he was very helpful and in general I have only good words to comment about his training skills.

    Dimitrios, Analyst Developer and UX specialist
  • This course is very helpful for me to understand the basic concepts of Git and Gerrit and also get the knowledge of how to use [them] for my daily work.

    Andrew, Software Developer & Feature Tester
    Alcatel Lucent
  • I thought the course was very well rounded and covered a good range, and difficulty, of material. Having previously used Git and having some experience with Stash, the course was a little bit of review at first but most of the day I came across things I didn’t know before, or got the opportunity to learn more deeply about how Git works under the covers. [the trainer] was definitely an authority on the material, and was very nice, helpful, and made the class fun.

    Brad, Software Engineer
    Intermountain Healthcare
  • We have received some good quality training in both Git and Gerrit, delivered on our site. This has established the benchmark level of skills that the team required. We also received some excellent course notes and supplementary materials after the course.

    Steve Revill , Software Team Leader
    Origami Energy
  • Thank you Clearvision for your Git, Stash and JIRA training classes at the Atlassian Summit. Like the previous years before, your sessions were a huge hit with attendees.

    Matt Coughlan, UK & IRE Experts Manager

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