Gerrit Basics Training Course (Git)

Half DayClassroom, Webinar,

The Clearvision Gerrit basics training course is a half day session (4 hours) introducing students to a standard Gerrit workflow, and the Gerrit interface.

Clearvision Gerrit basics training course.

Course Availability

Classroom, Webinar,


  1. Students on this course are expected to already be familiar with Git concepts.

Course Modules

Below is a breakdown of the modules and exercises that make up the course. Please contact us directly for further information.
Module 1: Introduction
Module Sections
  1. Introduction to Gerrit
  2. The Gerrit Workflow
  3. Roles in Gerrit
  4. Introduction to code reviews
  5. Code review scores
  6. Default user permissions
  7. The Gerrit refspec
  8. Code review requirements
Module 2: Creating a change
Module Sections
  1. Cloning from Gerrit
  2. Making Local changes
  3. Squashing changes
  4. Pushing to the Gerrit Refspec
  5. Viewing your changes in the Gerrit interface
Module 3: Setting up a code review
Module Sections
  1. Verification
  2. Inviting reviewers to participate
  3. Monitoring review progress
  4. Notifications
Module 4: Reviewing changes
Module Sections
  1. Accessing code reviews
  2. Identifying a review’s status
  3. Viewing comments
  4. patch sets
  5. Viewing changes in Diff views
  6. comparing patch sets
  7. Review preferences
  8. Commenting on Changes
  9. Replying to Comments
  10. Completing the code review
Module 5: Submitting a change
Module Sections
  1. Submission Requirements
  2. Submitting changes
  3. Patch set status
  4. Dependancies
  5. Rebasing Changes
  6. Change ID’s
  7. Creating additional patchset’s
  8. Recap – squashing changes
  9. Amending Changes
  10. Abandoning changes
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