Git Advanced Training Course

1 DayClassroom, Webinar,

This course is divided into a number of individual modules, many modules have an associated lab exercise that will help to reinforce the learning experience.

The Clearvision Git advanced training course provides an understanding of advanced Git concepts and looks at configuration and functionality.

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This course is for power users responsible for the smooth running and troubleshooting of Git repos, as well as the support of other users.

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Classroom, Webinar,


  1. Git Basics

Course Modules

Below is a breakdown of the modules and exercises that make up the course. Please contact us directly for further information.
Module 1: Git Internals
Module Sections


  1. Pre-requisites
  2. What this course covers
  3. Git infrastructure in detail
    • Objects
    • Folder structure
    • The index file


Lab Exercises
  1. Walk through folder structure
  2. Using plumbing commands to create objects.
Module 2: Housekeeping
Module Sections
  1. Repository size
  2. File System Check
  3. Pruning
  4. Filter-branch
  5. Garbage Collection
Lab Exercises
  1. Garbage collection
  2. Cleaning up data
  3. Recovering lost data.
Module 3: Git Configuration
Module Sections
  1. Global
    • Environment Variables
  2. Local (per repository)
    • Git-config
    • The config file
  3. Attributes
  4. Alias
Lab Exercises
  1. Identify Settings
  2. Configure settings
  3. Configure Attributes
  4. Set up an Alias
Module 4: Identifying Content
Module Sections
  1. Finding Content.
    • Git Describe
    • Git Grep
  2. Debugging.
    • File Annotation
    • Git Blame
    • Bisect


Lab Exercises
  1. Identify the cause of a bug.
  2. Debug the code
Module 5: Advanced Collaboration
Module Sections
  1. Configuring remotes
  2. Refspecs
  3. Archives (send & receive)
  4. Patching
  5. Sub-modules
Lab Exercises
  1. Setting up remotes
  2. Splitting up a repository
  3. Archiving
  4. Creating and applying patches
Module 6: Advanced Merging
Module Sections
  1. Rebase (skipped if following a fundamentals course)
  2. Dry-runs
  3. Cherry Picking
  4. Octopus Merges
  5. Selecting a strategy
Lab Exercises
  1. Rebasing
  2. Cherry Picking
  3. Performing an octopus merge
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