Take the reporting capabilities of Jira to the next level with eazyBI!

Create easy-to-use custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets.


eazyBI is available as a specially designed app for Jira

Create easy to use Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets with a simple drag and drop interface:

  • Ability to drill into details or across dimensions.
  • Many different interactive chart styles.
  • Available for Server, Data Center, and Cloud.
  • Powerful Calculations.
  • Embed charts in Confluence or open social gadgets.

Custom Jira Report and Dashboard Examples

Issue Epic Gantt Charts

Gantt Chart

History of Unresolved Jira Issue Statuses

Jira Report

Issue Resolution Days Report

Report Issue

Story Points Burn-Down in Selected Sprint

Created/Closed Datetime Bar Chart

Jira Issues Resolved and Resolution Days

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Clearvision - Partnered with eazyBI