Take Jira’s reporting capabilities to the next level with eazyBI

Create easy-to-use custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets


eazyBI is available as a specially designed app for Jira

Create easy to use Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets with a simple drag and drop interface:

Ability to drill into details or across dimensions ✔
Many different interactive chart styles ✔
Available for Server, Data Center or Cloud ✔
Powerful Calculations ✔
Embed charts in Confluence, or open Social gadgets ✔


Custom Jira Report and Dashboard Examples

Issue Epic Gantt Charts

Gantt Chart

History of Unresolved Jira Issue Statuses

Jira Report

Issue Resolution Days Report

Report Issue

Story Points Burn-down in Selected Sprint

Created/Closed Datetime Bar Chart

Jira Issues Resolved and Resolution Days

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Clearvision - Partnered with eazyBI