Linchpin Social Intranet

Linchpin Social Intranet

Intranet, that connects


Imagine combining employee engagement with boosting productivity. Linchpin is the exciting new technology, proven to enhance workplace communication.

The New Breakthrough Solution

FREE Consultation to discover your unique business requirements

FREE Demonstration environment to understand the technology

FREE Collaboration Ebook

Your package includes:

  • FREE demo version to prove how good the tool is!
  • FREE training guides, including a video library and manual, to make sure you know how to use everything
  • FREE hour of dedicated support every week, to keep you getting the best out of Linchpin
  • Custom configuration and navigation workshops to get Linchpin right for your business
  • 5 workshops with an intranet consultant, based around your business needs

Included Functionality

  • Available on desktop, mobile and touch TV versions
  • Branded theme, customised to your business
  • Hosting, implementation and migration

The Personal Intranet

You need to keep up with colleagues – not multiple conversations. Linchpin packs all the features you need in a single, powerful social intranet.


Enhanced user profiles

Linchpin’s enhanced user profiles form the basis for customising the user experience and performing company-wide advanced searches. You are free to define what information the employee’s user profile should and must provide.


Personalised navigation menus

Linchpin offers global navigation menus in the intranet for greater efficiency, quick access to relevant content and improved employee mobilisation. These menus can be fully personalised for each employee or user group.


Social Intranet

The Linchpin homepage becomes the cockpit for daily work. Users can integrate links, important applications, systems and websites to their homepage with a click.Deeply integrated social features such as micro-blogging, profile pages, advanced search functionality, sharing, “Liking,” commenting and more. Accessible to the user anywhere at the click of a button.


Company and Individual News

You can add as many news channels as you like on a Linchpin intranet. Your users can assemble their own customised news stream based on their personal interests and integrate it into their homepage.Linchpin lets management provide company news that is automatically displayed on the user’s homepage. This can be set as global news for all employees or custom.

Test Linchpin for free

Ask for your own demo version and click yourself through the Linchpin instance:

  • Navigate each part of the Linchpin intranet.
  • Fully customised demo, determined by your current pain points.
  • See the benefits of an social intranet for collaboration, navigation and communication.
Dan Tombs

Dan Tombs

Product Specialist

The Social Intranet

  • Company news – whether global or customised based on profile attributes, employees will never miss an announcement
  • Individual news streams – customise with as many channels as you like, from individual departments to content areas
  • Personalised navigation – customise for different user groups, with quick access to relevant content
  • Enhanced user profiles – allowing for company-wide advanced searches, with automatically generated organisation charts
  • Space directory – create a sound information architecture from the start
  • Workflows – establish editorial workflows and generate automatic reports
  • Versioning and transparency – assign changes and compare versions, with protection against simultaneous editing conflicts
  • Automatic notifications – defined by users
  • Microblogs – fast, easy communication across the company
  • Comments and likes – threaded and inline multimedia comments, and social “like” features for fast feedback
  • Powerful search capabilities – with quick search, autocomplete and extended filters, no matter the complexity of your intranet
  • Practical shortcuts – work more efficiently than ever

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