How Does Linchpin Intranet Work?

How does A Linchpin intranet Project work?


Allow the experts at Clearvision to help: Your Linchpin intranet can be rolled out in months and customised at any stage.

How does implementation work?

Your intranet uses the power of Confluence with Linchpin’s bespoke plugins. That means no costly app development. Implementation is carried out using modern, flexible and efficient development methods. So it’s not a problem if you have a late requirement change.

We’ll even give you a free functioning prototype to play with first!

Production and Staging Systems

We’ll give you a test system alongside your production system during setup. This system is a clone of the production system. It has the same content and configuration and is embedded in a similar environment.

We install new releases on this test system and test them. New features are then accepted by you, only then are the features installed on the production environment


Your intranet is implemented based on the agile scrum framework. This means you’ll get regular Linchpin increments, where we gradually release functionality, from early in the project life-cycle.

We’ll hold regular review meetings with you to present and get feedback on your new functions. This adaptable process lets you change requirements easily.

Continuous Delivery

All our software development processes are based on the Atlassian stack with Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo and take advantage of the options of continuous integration.

This calls for many test scenarios that are tested, in large part, fully automatically for each development increment. We will gladly show you our current build pipelines from other projects.

Test system in live operation

Test the new versions at your own pace with our testing and staging system. This way, updates and comprehensive actions can be controlled on the production system and are as short as possible.


Functional Prototype

We’ll draw up your prototype as soon as you place your order.

Your prototype is designed to get project support by giving your colleagues something to play with! It is likely much more powerful than your current intranet or current Confluence instance (if applicable). It includes all plug-ins that the final version will offer and is first operated on our servers.

All work on setting up and configuring you software, operating systems and hardware is covered under your fixed price guarantee.


Early employee involvement is critical to success. A social intranet often needs change in company culture – leading to better informed employees, more trust and less regimentation. Clearvision will help you plan for the introduction of your new social tool into your business.

Kick off an internal marketing campaign

Trailers, posters, stickers, holding devices, notepads and other similar advertising materials with the right message call attention to the intranet and its possibilities and help highlight application scenarios.

Establish an internet charter

An intranet charter offers a code of conduct and usage guidelines for collaborative efforts. It helps prevent misunderstandings from arising and ensures proper use. We can give you a template for such a charter.

View the intranet as a project of change

View the project not only as an IT project but also as an opportunity to improve company culture. The key to a productive social intranet is culture, not technology.

Make project progress transparent

In order to record and document project progress, you should offer period project status reports during sprint reviews of the introduction project and make them accessible to all stakeholders (if applicable, for employees too).

Offer roadshows

For the actual introduction, management can think about a doing a roadshow or giving intranet presentations at various company locations.


Determine user requirements

Conducting surveys during the implementation and rollout of the intranet will help you understand and address your users needs.

Pick a name together

If the employees are included in naming the intranet, the intranet will receive more attention and encourage identification with the system. A naming competition might be a good idea.


Offer informational materials

Your colleagues should be able to easily inform others about the new tool. Provide them with a flyer, frequently asked questions (FAQs), internal blog articles, training documents, presentations, and so on.

Homepage on employee computers

The new social network can be set as the homepage on employee computers.


Consulting by experienced service providers

Guarantee that your intranet is a sustainable solution delivered by an experienced and reliable partner, utilising a strong, flexible platform and efficient processes that will keep your intranet thriving.

Officially announcing the project

Management should be transparent from the start and officially announce the new project (for example with a trailer). Management should prepare employees and manage expectations on practice and use of Intranet 2.0.


Make the prototype openly available

Give employees the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the system; e.g. with a large touchscreen in the employee cafeteria, in the foyer or other heavily frequented areas. We can also provide you with such a device for a limited time at no charge.

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