Linchpin Intranet Features

Linchpin intranet Features

Packed full of powerful features, Linchpin helps you and your teams to work smarter, together.

Linchpin Intranet Features
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Linchpin Intranet Features – Powerful-Profiles

Users & Experts

Tailor your experience with Linchpin’s enhanced user profiles that form the basis of powerful capabilities.

Made to enhance your networking experience on Confluence, Linchpin lets your users take control – highlighting their skills and expertise alongside their knowledge, with the focus of enabling the connections to work better together.


The leading collaboration platform

Putting Your Team At The Heart Of Your Technology

Complete company branding

Easily match your corporate design.

Communications hub

Give every member of your team the power to contribute.


All the Confluence apps you need, when you need them.

Knowledge management

The power to create, share and manage all of your knowledge in one place.

Corporate Design

Apply your branding all over the system. 

With our advanced design system, give each area their own identity to boost user adoption without removing the overall branding controls


Communication in any business is key. Being able to provide that information multiple ways is even better. With the use of microblogs, mandatory news and both personal and corproate news feeds, Linchpin ensures you will always have the ability to extract knowledge.


Consolidate your company’s knowledge into a central location using our advanced and dynamic editor that covers all your needs. Integrate your operation systems to continue to create a vital digital workplace of the future.

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