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The most intuitive BDD tool for implementing Behaviour Driven Development.

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Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is all about achieving shared understanding between product owners, developers and testers so that user requirements are understood by all – from day one and as the project evolves.​

The Behave Pro BDD tool is pretty simple: Describe what you want the system to do by talking through example behaviour. Then work from the outside-in to implement those behaviours using the examples to validate you’re what you’re building.

BDD for Product Owners

Software development is all about the user. You don’t want to see the code; you want to see that the software works for the user in the way you intended.

Based on BDD principles, the Behave Pro BDD tool seamlessly integrates into Jira, creating an intuitive interface that is easy for you to use.

User stories and related scenarios are developed in collaboration with the technical team: Outlining what you need the software to do in different ‘real world’ situations and what the expected outcome or action should be.

BDD for Developers

Based on agile methods and BDD principles, the Behave Pro BDD tool helps you integrate specification by example into your development process. Product owners can clarify their requirements in a format that is understood by all; giving you the clarity you need to make sure implementation is right, first time.

Seamlessly integrated into Jira, Behave Pro’s familiar and intuitive interface can be easily used by all stakeholders – whether they are business or technically focused.

BDD for Testers

Testers can clarify and agree user stories from the start of the project, and as it progresses, spending less time on the back and forth nature of ‘bug’ testing at the end of a project. More time can be spent on proactive testing methods that aren’t always included in the development process when a deadline is fast approaching.

Based on agile methods and behaviour driven development (BDD) principles, the Behave Pro BDD tool is seamlessly integrated into Jira, creating a familiar and intuitive interface that is easy for all stakeholders to use.

Product Owner

Hindsight Behave Pro BDD testing tool Product Owner


Hindsight Behave Pro BDD testing tool Developer


Hindsight Behave Pro BDD testing tool Tester
Intuitive Interface

Save time and make BDD testing easier for your team, with a simple to use interface.

Scenario Outline Detection

Switch dynamically from Scenario to Outline to save time and increase productivity.

Intelligent Step Completion

Create consistent domain vocabulary by reusing steps across scenarios.

Track Changes

Monitor who makes what changes to follow the progress of your project.


Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

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Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

Created by BDD practitioners for bringing Behaviour Driven Development to every team.


Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

Boosts productivity with a cost effective solution that sits inside of Jira.


Make and tag notes in Jira to keep projects on track and share information.

Bug Reporting

Report defects from sessions directly into Jira to get full traceability.

Time Metric

See how a session was spent by tracking minutes to set up, execute and investigate.

Questions and Ready Buttons

Make it easy to clarify Scenarios and check everyone understands every step.

Session Reporting

Create the session report in Jira so the whole agile team can follow process.

Multiple Languages

Make sure your entire team is involved in communication with 25+ languages.

Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

Built for Teams

Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

Helps to plan, prioritise and allocate BDD testing and encourage collaboration across the team.

Document Evidence

Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

Keep notes and documentation together and easy to find, with a single source of truth.

Easy to Access

Behave Pro BDD tool by Hindsight

Behave Pro sits in Jira, so get up and running in minutes when Jira is hosted in the Cloud.