QASymphony QTest Software Testing Tools

QASymphony QTest Software Testing Tools

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The qTest platform provides Agile teams with a suite of software testing tools designed to improve speed, efficiency and collaboration throughout the software testing lifecycle.

qTest Manager

Powerful and easy-to-use test case management

  • Deploy qTest Manager in the cloud or on-premise
  • Plan and build testing activities based on project schedules
  • Get your team up-and-running quickly with out intuitive interface and helpful customer success team

qTest Insights

Actionable, real-time test metrics and analytics

  • Your data, your way. Arrange and display charts and graphs exactly the way you want. Tabs let you create multiple dashboards for different projects or teams.
  • Hover over charts to view specific data points. Zoom in and dynamically adjust the charts. Click on a chart to view and download the data.
  • Review your data with interactive heat maps that help quickly identify where the issues are in the application. Then drill down to get more details.

Training and Workshops

Discover our bespoke training on qTest and one day course that can help you:

  • Navigate each product of the qTest platform
  • Determine the five products in the enterprise stack and their offerings
  • Understand the traceability matrix from requirements through to defects
  • Reap the benefits of an agile approach to testing

qTest Explorer

Test execution recorder and documentation tool

  • Intelligent capture technology tracks all interactions from the testing session and automatically creates defect documentation.
  • Easily manage and edit the defect documentation.
  • Quickly add annotations and other information. Instantly submit detailed defect documentation to JIRA so you can share with team members.
  • Perfect for exploratory and session based testing.

qTest Scenario

End-to-end JIRA add-on for BDD, TDD and ATDD

The first JIRA add-on to support the end-to-end workflow from test creation to test execution, allowing teams to test and scale the first approach across the enterprise.

  • Gherkin editor for feature and scenario development 
  • Out of the box integration to Cucumber via Maven for automated test results
  • Ability to import/export existing feature files

qTest Pulse

Facilitate a faster time to market with qTest pulse

A continuous testing solution specifically designed for teams practicing DevOps to deliver quality at every step of the process.

  • JIRA and GitHub integration built in so you can work with the tools you already love
  • Focus on your work items, like JIRA user stories, that need test coverage
  • Trigger CI builds and JIRA workflows right from qTest Pulse

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