QMetry Software Testing Tools

QMetry Software Testing Tools

Test Automation, Test Management and Intelligent Quality Metrics

The QMetry Digital Quality Platform

Integrates test management, test automation and quality metrics with cloud-secure features. Designed for agile testing and DevOps teams to build, manage, and deploy quality software faster and with confidence.


QMetry Test Management

QMetry Test Management QMetry Test Management is a comprehensive test management platform to manage growing enterprise QA needs – with a test management tool.

Experience seamless test management with full control over test authoring, test execution and traceability. Reduce over engineering and make remarkable efficiency leaps with our automation-ready, modular test management tool. Whether you are making the transition from manual to automation, scaling up or working with multi-location Agile teams, QMetry is a complete solution that provides test authoring, execution, version control, essential integrations and powerful quality metrics.


QMetry Test Management for Jira

QMetry now brings end to end test management inside Jira. This tool is designed for agile teams to collaborate better and drive digital transformation initiatives to market faster.

A simple and complete test management solution bringing intelligent test management features to any Jira project. Its powerful test authoring, test execution and management capabilities from within Jira. It provides efficient testing capabilities with modularized and reusable test cases, and granular reporting and dashboard gadgets. QMetry provides support for most automation frameworks like Selenium, Appium, QMetry Automation Studio, etc. 


Improve your efficiency by automating Test Case documentation while you perform exploratory testing. This FREE app reduces efforts of documenting bugs / errors by screen capture, adding voice memos and linking them to JIRA issues.


A unique automation framework to create, maintain and manage test case libraries, establish easy integration with test management, CI (continuous integration) and automation tools with a flexible architecture. 


The first open source automation framework for web, mobile, and web services. The solution enables the testing of multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers in the cloud or on premise, using a single framework.

Training & Support

We offer a whole range of options to provide you with the support you need!

Need more advice about choosing a TCM that fits your requirements? Or looking for extra training on the tools your already have? We can help provide you with the training and support required to complete your agile SDLC!

Build, manage, and deploy quality software faster.