Sonatype Nexus Software Security Tools

Sonatype Nexus Software Security Tools

Accelerate Software Innovation


The world’s best way to order, store, and distribute software components

Nexus tools automatically strengthen and secure software supply chains early, everywhere, and at scale. Automate the flow of open source components across every phase of your DevOps pipeline.


A place for everything

Forget the days of stalled builds because of missing components. Nexus Repository becomes your team’s single, most reliable source for the components they need, when they need them.


We’ve got your back

Built on the exact same foundation as our popular OSS solution; Nexus Repository Pro includes enterprise support and access to experts who are always there to help.


Intelligent from the start

Built in component intelligence (Repository Health Check and Application Health Check) provides security and license detail for components inside your repositories or applications.

Nexus Repository Pro

Store and distribute components with enterprise-grade support

> Universal: Support all popular component formats.

> High Availability: Always-on for continuous delivery and deployment.

> Intelligent: Automatically identify unhealthy parts.

> Support: Rest comfortably with support from world-class experts.


Nexus Lifecycle

Your applications deserve the best open source components

> Control: Define open source component policies by company, team, and application type.

> Integrate: Continuously review component intelligence within your favourite tools.

> Automate: Automatically and contextually enforce policies across your entire DevOps pipeline.

> Customise: Pair component intelligence with in-house apps using supported REST APIs


Nexus Firewall

Control the perimeter of your software supply chain

> Manage: Define and enforce rules for component usage.

> Audit: Examine every component at the front door.

> Quarantine: Stop, review, and selectively admit components.

> Protect: Keep production apps safe from risky component.


Nexus Repository OSS

Store and distribute components for free

> Store: Give your teams a single source of truth for every component they use.

> Cache: Tailor build performance and reliability by caching proxies of remote repositories.

> Adapt: Provide universal coverage for all major package formats and types.

>Scale: Install on an unlimited amount of servers for an unlimited amount of users.


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