Pay-As-You-Go Atlassian Support

Flexible options and add-ons for the support you need

Pay As You Go Support

With Clearvision’s PAYG support for Atlassian tools, you get a straightforward solution that fits your needs. Buy however many hours of support you require, and when you run out, just buy more!

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Please fill out the form to make your support enquiry.

Please fill out the form to make your support enquiry.

No contracts

Purchase support time when you need it, with no contracts to tie you in - it's all about flexibility. You only pay for what you use, so there won't be any unexpected bills.

Flexible Support

Our experts make sure your IT solutions are effective and reliable. Need help with something in particular? Contact us today, and we'll find a deal that works for you.

Complete Coverage

Your support covers all Atlassian tools, as well as Marketplace add-ons. And with one of Clearvision's service add-ons, we can extend that support even further.

“When you’ve got a company like Clearvision that can provide you with very competitive support costs, you really benefit hugely from cost reduction. More people should be looking at such alternatives.”

Steve, Senior Systems Architect, Teranet

What's Included:

As standard, Clearvision's pay-as-you-go support offers:

  • Support coverage for all your Atlassian tools. 
  • Break/fix support, meaning if an application goes down, we'll be on hand to get you up and running again.
  • Support and guidance for Atlassian verified add-ons.
  • Post-incident investigation, so you’ll know the reason for any problems.
  • Remote support, giving you the help you need, no matter where you are.
  • Major incident assistance. 

Customise Your Support

In addition to the standard PAYG package, Clearvision also offers a range of add-ons:

Annual Upgrades

Always be up to date

Forget upgrade headaches - let us take control of major release updates for you. With the Annual Upgrade package you'll get 24 hours of consultancy time, ensuring updates are timely and downtime is minimised.

Expert Control

Let your work flow

With Clearvision's Administration upgrade, you get an extra level of support. This includes Marketplace add-on maintenance, dashboard configuration, workflow management, scheme changes and much more. 

Annual Health Check

Support your critical tools

Assurance guaranteed. With an annual health check from one of our consultants you can rest assured your most important tools are running optimally. The price covers one day on site with you at a time that suits you.

For a full breakdown of what’s covered by Clearvision’s PAYG support and the administration upgrade, download our handy guide: