Atlassian Cloud Roadmap – Top 10 Stops

There are several stops on the roadmap to Cloud over the next 12-months; we discuss them in the latest episode of our podcast.

Atlassian Cloud

There are several stops on the roadmap to Cloud in the next 12-months; in this episode on the Clearvision podcast, Senior Solution Architect Gary Blower and Atlassian Administrator Dan Tombs, discuss their top five features, including:

  • Insight asset management.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Analytics.
  • Dynamic Forms.
  • Templates in Confluence.
  • Collaboration in Confluence.
  • Automation for Confluence.
  • Enhanced incident management.
  • Multi-instance Cloud search.
  • Halp integration.
  • Customising request columns on the portal.
    Plus, more!

In less than 30-mins, you’ll learn the details of each feature and the benefits.

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