Moving your Jira to the Cloud

Moving your Jira to the Cloud


Listen and learn all there is to know about moving your Jira to the Cloud.

The direction of travel is cloud, and in this episode of our podcast, Atlassian experts Paul Renshaw, Gary Blower, and Matt Muschol discuss how Atlassian users can focus more on their core business. Why not download this episode and listen on the go to find out:

  • The definition of cloud.
  • Digital hoarding and how migrating only necessary data can improve processes.
  • The different types of cloud migrations — private, public, and boutique.
  • Risks posed by different environments.
  • Concerns over data residency for teams no longer wanting IT to run their Jira Server.
  • Support that’s available to different cloud users.
  • Choosing the RIGHT cloud.
  • Decommissioning and archiving.

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