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Ensure the success of your Cloud migration project with our phased approach. Get the advantages of Atlassian Cloud without worrying about logistics or resources.

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Moving to Atlassian Cloud?

Are you part of the 90% who find Atlassian SaaS to be the right solution? Let us help you find out. Our experts have successfully migrated over 50 customers to the Cloud. We understand the complexity of each project and how time-consuming it can be.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise Migration

Our Atlassian Cloud Enterprise Migration is for medium to large organisations using a complex landscape of Atlassian tools and instances. Our iterative, structured and fully-managed Cloud migration service minimises the risks of moving to the Cloud.

Cloud MIgration

Why Clearvision?

Global Skills Resource

Our flexible resourcing approach calls on global skills to make your Cloud migration a success.


Clearvision is a member of the Cloud Migration Early Adopters programme at Atlassian.


After 50+ Cloud migrations, we have the experience to achieve your unique requirements.

Flexible and Understanding

Let us handle the entire project, or support your internal team. We’ll do what’s right for you.

Getting Cloud Right in the Atlassian Ecosystem

Created in partnership with Atlassian and Amazon Web Services (AWS), our webinar will teach you about the different Cloud options available – with insight from industry experts.

Getting Cloud right webinar

Here for You – Rapport and Relationships

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“Thank you for the professional manner in which you handled our Cloud migration. We especially appreciated the quick responses to our many questions.”

Dye & Durham

Cloud Migration that Keeps Your Business Running

We helped the team at Digitas migrate to the Cloud, measuring the scale of what they were trying to achieve and supporting them to ensure a smooth migration.

Explore Our Services for Atlassian Cloud Users

Atlassian Cloud Licensing

Simplify your Atlassian Cloud licensing and reduce your costs – with expert guidance.

Support for Cloud Apps

Focus on your role – we’ll take care of your tools. Support packages for busy teams.

Cloud Training Courses

Learn the basics and accelerate your team’s development, with Cloud training courses.

Atlassian Cloud Consultancy

Get per-project Consultancy or join our Experts on Demand subscription service.

Free Cloud Migration Resources

Learn more about Cloud migrations, with our free resources. However you learn best, we’ve got expert knowledge ready to go. Read our blog for the latest Cloud news and how-to articles, join a webinar – or download an in-depth white paper guide.

Fear Vs Reality: Migrating to the Cloud

In this blog post, we prove why the saying “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” is true when migrating to the Cloud.

A Guide to Iterative Atlassian Migrations

Big-Bang Atlassian data migrations, Server to Cloud, have become the norm, but lower-risk, more agile alternatives are available for greater business value.

Moving Your Jira to the Cloud

Considering a Jira Cloud migration? Watch our webinar first to see whether you’re on the right path.

Talk to a Cloud Migration Expert

Let’s help you make the right decision on Atlassian Cloud migration.