It's what defines a team.

Enabling teams to achieve their full potential is our mantra.

Clearvision helps teams improve their performance by considering the three critical factors (3T’s) that can influence any teams ability to complete tasks:

  • The Tools used to help them work faster and smarter.
  • The Tactics implemented to help organise the team.
  • The Talent of individual members and how this is developed and evolved.

Collaboration for modern teams

By unpacking the collaboration conundrum, your company can benefit from real change. Our solutions are designed to guide team transformations.


Professional development is vital, but knowing when to complement your business with highly skilled contractors can help you produce more immediate results. Teams should be working toward continual improvement, with a view to scaling quickly to deal with peaks in demand.

In the modern office this tends to be the different software we use for our work. This involves tracking progress on projects, sharing information, recording data, automating processes and speeding up decision making – the foundations of collaboration.

How can your teams be as effective as possible? This refers to internal dynamics and influences the effectiveness of individual communications, meetings, customer support and team based activities such as sales techniques or marketing campaigns. Tactics also cover company structures and culture, and the focus or work around projects and tasks with competing priorities.

How are your professionals developed, trained and empowered to perform better in their roles? And what about the recruitment, onboarding, personal development, management and leadership style of your organisation? Do you know when it’s time to complement your core team with highly skilled contractors? Teams should be working towards continual improvement, with a view to scaling quickly to deal with peaks in demand.

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Improve day-to-day communications, workplace relationships, and reduce the significant costs associated with miscommunication and poor staff morale. Teamify puts personality profiling and team dynamics at the heart of innovative collaboration technology, seamlessly integrating sophisticated learning and development tools into a state-of-the-art collaboration platform.

A second-to-none social intranet that enables:

  • Real time communication.
  • Documentation control and full file management.
  • Collaborative editing and version control.
  • In-line suggestions and comments for feedback in context.
  • Viewing and editing permissions.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Mobile friendly optimisation.
  • Micro-blogging and more.

Teamify brings the office up-to-date with Web 2.0 technology.


Put theory into practice with Professional Business Simulations – a ‘serious’ game made up of interactive workshops, in which teams of employees work on challenging issues within a simulated environment. Whether the same or a totally different context to the ‘normal’ working environment, each participant plays a role with specific tasks, responsibilities and authority. Cement learning with a unique opportunity for collaboration across all levels.

Support & Hosting

Take the hassle out of your tool infrastructure. Clearvision can host and support all of your Atlassian collaboration tools, so your teams can focus on the work that matters most.


Improve communication, enhance collaboration, and define and understand requirements from day one. Behaviour Driven Development is all about achieving a shared understanding between product owners, developers and testers. Enabling teams to take this approach means requirements are understood by all throughout the entire evolution of the project.

Team empowerment white paper

A free guide from Clearvision

This guide will help you improve communication in your testing life cycle for better products. Learn how to:

  • Unite The Three Amigos.
  • Create a Single Source of Truth with Jira.
  • Drive Exploratory Testing.

Working Together

No matter your industry or target market, success ultimately hinges on how well you work with others. Collaboration isn’t just about how you communicate with your teammates but business partners, directors, customers, and your expanded social network.

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