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Confluence Based Social Intranet

Introducing Teamify: The proven solution you can trust. Based on Confluence, the professional team productivity software from Atlassian, Teamify is enhanced with apps and exclusive features to help your teams communicate better, together.



Our flowchart maker works the way you do.

Edit Together

Edit documents together in real-time.

Smart Search

Search less, discover more – from anywhere!

Company News

Latest company news, curated your way.

Easy Profiles

Enhance your networking experience.


Make ideas, feedback and discussion easy.

Software Testing Efficiency

A free guide from Clearvision

If you’ve ever stood in a demonstration where the product owner has said “That’s not what I wanted!”, then you know the stress caused from worrying about about how much time you’re going to waste fixing it. This guide will help you find the perfect way to improve communication in your testing lifecycle, and make better products today! Learn how to:

  • Unite “The Three Amigos”
  • Create a “Single Source of Truth” with Jira
  • Enhance Your Exploratory Testing