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You'll see immediate results with our training, but many teams want long term materials they can reference. Clearvision Training provides carefully crafted post-training materials to serve as fun refreshers that reinforce the learning way beyond the course itself.

You also get free course eManuals, certificates of attendance and instances of the tools for lab exercises, which work to get your team learning by doing.

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Who’s taken the journey?

  • I thought the course was very well rounded and covered a good range, and difficulty, of material. Having previously used Git and having some experience with Stash, the course was a little bit of review at first but most of the day I came across things I didn’t know before, or got the opportunity to learn more deeply about how Git works under the covers. [the trainer] was definitely an authority on the material, and was very nice, helpful, and made the class fun.

    Brad, Software Engineer
    Intermountain Healthcare
  • The course was useful, covered all basics and even for someone who’s used SVN before, it has taught me something new! very good, not too in depth, good balance of practical with theory.

    Chris, Software Developer
    Edwards Vacuum Ltd
  • The Clearvision Mercurial training was excellent; it fulfilled all our expectations and we are extremely grateful for the quality of service which was provided.

    Telecommunications Service Provider