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On-site/remote Atlassian training and SDLC courses covering Jira, JSM, Confluence, Git, Agile, DevOps, and more.

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Why train with Clearvision?

Atlassian training courses built with YOUR team in mind.

At Clearvision, we believe training to be an essential part of any business strategy. As such, we provide professionals with the high-quality courses they demand. This leads to lasting improvements in team performance, collaboration, and innovation.

Our training courses are hands-on, flexible, and targeted and can be delivered on-site or remotely. We work with teams from start to finish, taking the time to understand their existing knowledge through a skills analysis review and providing support thereafter.


Drive ROI by expanding on the skillsets of individual team members. A skills analysis will help to uncover the existing knowledge of each person so that they are not taught something they already know.


We provide bespoke training for teams with specific needs.


Access a wide range of industry-leading facilitators and Atlassian accredited experts.


Clearvision is the ONLY Atlassian Partner offering custom training that isn’t restricted by official Atlassian pricing.

Enterprise Training

You know what your training budget looks like, but what if you could stretch it further? Top up your budget with our Training Credit Pool.

Custom Training

With Clearvision, you have complete control. Choose modules and materials from our established Atlassian training courses and get them developed and delivered in a way that suits you.

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