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Providing training and expertise to empower your teams

At Clearvision, we believe training is an essential part of any IT strategy. We provide organisations and professionals with the high-quality courses they demand, leading to long-lasting improvements in team performance, collaboration and innovation. 

Specialising in training for the Atlassian toolset and Git, we can also help with Subversion, Mercurial and agile training. Our custom courses can be tailored to your teams - talk to us about what you need.

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Enter your details below, and a member of the team will be in touch:

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Which course you choose and how you learn is up to you. We've grouped our courses into four different journeys to set you on the best path - we'll ensure you get everything you need, from beginning to end.

Select one of the Learning Journeys below to see which courses we recommend for you, or browse our full training catalogue.

qTest Features & Navigation Workshop

In this one-day course, you’ll learn to:

  • Navigate each product of the qTest platform.

  • Determine the five products in the enterprise stack and their offerings.

  • Understand the traceability matrix from requirements through to defects.

  • Recognise the benefits of an agile approach to testing.

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qTest Workshop

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Free Skills Gap Analysis

Want to pick the best courses for your team? Don't want to waste time on training that will have minimal value? Then Clearvision's skills gap analysis is for you. Free with all of Clearvision's own training packages,  with a skills gap analysis, we'll assess all your current training needs and provide you with a handy report at the end of it. 

Armed with this knowledge, you'll easily be able to choose the courses that will have the most impact. 


Who’s Taken The Journey?

  • “It was extremely helpful starting with the basics and working forward. No prior coding knowledge was needed. the trainer kept things moving and took breaks when needed, he answered questions and found solutions to person specific issues.”

    Mike , Head of Technology
  • “The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable about JIRA, Confluence, and Agile processes. This was a custom mentoring session based around several objectives but the agenda was somewhat fluid. This approach suited our needs really well. Clearvision was very patient throughout the entire planning process of this custom training and were a great partner. This was not just another training session. They really worked to understand our needs at a deeper level. The trainer’s approach and style was very effective and comfortable.”

    Greg, Scrum Master
    Capital One
  • The course was well structured and conducted for new comers to Confluence. [The trainer] taught at a good pace, and was very interactive. I would recommend this for anyone looking to learn the basics of Confluence.

    Chris, Head of Technology Operations
    Konga Online Shopping
  • Thank you for arranging for us to sit with your trainer Caroline Adams for JIRA Portfolio Training. Yesterday’s session was very informative. We are very pleased with the delivery and the content covered.

  • The JIRA Advanced course was very well delivered. Good pacing, comprehensive and appropriate support materials.


    James, Business Analyst
  • Very pleased with the course content and pace. I learned a lot about how to correctly configure JIRA Agile.

    Fergus, Principle Microsoft Technology Specialist
    The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
  • We have received some good quality training in both Git and Gerrit, delivered on our site. This has established the benchmark level of skills that the team required. We also received some excellent course notes and supplementary materials after the course.

    Steve Revill , Software Team Leader
    Origami Energy

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