Fundamentals of DevOps (ICP-FDO Certification)

Fundamentals of DevOps (ICP-FDO Certification)

  • 3 Days
  • Classroom, Webinar

Fundamentals of DevOps training course provides successful participants with ICAgile certified Certification.

About this Course

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Ideal for those with Work experience as an DevOps Engineer, DevOps Manager, Tester, Hands-On Test Manager, or other roles that ensure the development cycle on software projects is achieved through optimized schedules, costs, and quality.

Objectives & Outcomes

Achieve the ICAgile Certified Professional in Foundations of DevOps (ICP-FDO) Certification

Execute Continuous Deployment (CD) by coding sharp deployment pipeline

Create real-time feedback by configuring continuous integration and building automation tools

Optimize operations by leveraging virtualization, containers, and cloud technologies

Use a Lean toolkit to foster the ultimate DevOps culture


  • Understanding of Agile or be a certified Scrum Master
  • Knowledge of system administration, and source code versioning

Trends in DevOps

  • Augmenting the benefits of Agile through DevOps
  • Refining the definition of DevOps for better outcomes
  • Asserting the core objectives of modern DevOps

DevOps Culture

  • Establishing the core foundations of system thinking
  • Enabling communication between development and operations
  • Developing a Kaizen culture for continuous improvement

Team Structure

  • Growing collaborative teams
  • Creating an automation culture


  • Defining governance to balance agility and rigour
  • Dealing with formal operational requirements

Version management

  • Keeping strict control through ubiquitous commits
  • Designing infrastructure as code

Configuration items

  • Enforcing controls through itemisation
  • Computerising dependencies through configuration controls
  • Leveraging tools for low-risk

Objectives and principles

  • Developing rapid feedback loops through CI
  • Aligning DevOps to the CI principles

Mastering CI practices

  • Reducing risks through frequent commits
  • Keeping the build healthy as a primary control of integrity
  • Automating inspections and tests for better control
  • Automating the build process for continuous feedback

CD mindset

  • Removing the complexity of deployment through software
  • Delineating CI and CD to achieve complementary objectives

Principles of CD

  • Creating a repeatable process for constant quality
  • Automating end to end for hands-free operations
  • Augmenting ROI through incremental improvements

Leveraging leading CD practices

  • Reducing deployment time through single builds
  • Ensuring consistency through a unified deployment process

Deployment pipeline

  • Organising a deployment pipeline to optimise code to production time
  • Gating code changes through code staging
  • Reducing Risks with roll-back capabilities
  • Adjusting the pipeline for on-premise, SaaS, and new deployment models

DevOps involvement in Test Automation

  • Ensuring the pipeline delivers on Test Automation benefits
  • Influencing test automation practices through DevOps capabilities

Test types and defect management

  • Automating the testing at multiple levels
  • Automating test defect management for faster corrections

Optimising infrastructure

  • Using virtual environment to maximise efficiency
  • Using the cloud to lower HW dependence
  • Monitoring systems for high availability

Data management

  • Dealing with database level upgrades
  • Managing Test Data as a configuration Item

Training with Clearvision is not a one day event - begin the journey today.

Darren Bowles, Clearvision Trainer
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