eazyBI for Jira Advanced (Server and Data Center)

eazyBI for Jira Advanced (Server and Data Center)

This eazyBI training course aims to provide attendees with an understanding of eazyBI management and advanced data queries.

About this course

Is this course right for me?

This course is perfect for anyone familiar with eazyBI and or who has completed the eazyBI for Jira Essentials course.

Objectives and outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to use eazyBI for Jira to perform account administration, import data, and create more complex data sets.


Module Sections

  • Introduction
  • eazyBI admins
  • Creating new accounts
  • Account users
  • Data access roles


  • Show user management page.
  • Show how to add users with a data access role.
  • Show how to add data access role limitations.
  • Show a template account and one linked to it.

Module Sections

  • Importing Jira data
  • Additional data import options
  • Importing specific fields


  • Create a new account.
  • Select source application.
  • Show how to select projects, add JQL and custom JavaScript code.
  • Go through each step of the import options.
  • Show advanced settings – custom field examples.

Module Sections

  • Calculated measures
  • Calculated members
  • When to use them
  • Data types
  • Functions
  • Using the formula editor


  • Create a calculated member showing all Issues from only two projects.
  • Create a calculated measure that calculates the percentage of story points committed to a sprint that has already been completed.
  • Create a calculated measure that shows how many work-days are in the current month.
  • Create a calculated measure that returns the priority of Issues as integers.

eazyBI for Jira is a powerful tool allowing users to produce compelling reports. This course will explain the vocabulary so that you can get started quickly.

Paul Christie, Clearvision Trainer
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