Jira Core Essentials (Server)

Jira Core Essentials (Server)

  • 1 Day
  • Classroom, Webinar

Clearvision's Atlassian Jira Core Essentials training course provides an understanding of using Jira concepts, issues and tracking.

About this Course

Is this course for you?

This course is ideal for anyone new to Jira looking to use the tool for business (not software development) related activities.

Objectives & Outcomes

At the end of the Clearvision Jira Core Essentials training course students will understand basic Atlassian Jira concepts and will be able to use Jira to work with issues and provide change tracking and control for business projects.


  • Access to laptop
  • Internet connection

Module Sections

1. Change & Defect Tracking

2. Introduction to Jira

  • What is an Issue?
  • What is a Project?
  • What is a Workflow

Lab Exercises

1. Sign up for Jira

2. Access the training enviroment

3. Logging in

Module Sections

1. Exploring the Jira workspace

2. Managing your user profile

Lab Exercises

1. Navigating Jira

2. Creating a Dashboard

Module Sections

1. Issue Types

2. Fields

3. Creating an Issue

4. Viewing Issues

5. Editing Issues

6. Attachments

Lab Exercises: Creating Issues

1. Creating an Issue

2. Adding Attachments

3. Editing Issues

Module Sections

1. Steps

2. Transitions and Screens

3. Moving through workflows

4. The workflow viewer

Lab Exercises

1. Identify your current status

2. Identify possible transitions

3. Progressing Issues

Module Sections

1. Collaboration

  • Commenting on Issues
  • Sharing Issues
  • Mentions
  • Voting
  • Watching

Lab Exercises

1. Using @mentions

2. Vote for an Issue

3. Watch an Issue


Module Sections

1. Quick Search

2. Basic Search

3. Advanced Search (JQL)

4. Issue Navigator

5. Detail View

6. Configuring Filters

7. Shared Filters

8. Email Filter Results

9. Advanced Searches

Lab Exercises

1. Search for an Issue

2. Use a Quick Search to locate Issues

3. Create a filter

Module Sections

1. Standard Reports

2. Custom Reports

3. Using Reports

Lab Exercises

1. Gain experience of Reports

2. Generate Reports

3. Complete your Dashboard

Exceeded my expectations – From this I can apply to my project work and plan and maintain any new tasks that come our way. I feel our trainers have a lot to live up to in delivery and expertise and felt Paul had provided this training informatively and adequately as required. I would recommend this course to anybody who has no or little experience with Jira.

Anon, Co-Operative Bank
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