Scrum For The Whole Team

Scrum For The Whole Team

  • 1 Day
  • Classroom, Webinar

Effective as a cross team event, with potential scrum masters and product owners coming together with team members and others from the company for an intense and effective focus on this most popular of all agile methods.

About this Course

Is this course for you?

This two day course is designed to get your whole team up to speed with the rules and spirit of Scrum – and to give them an industry-standard certification too (PSM I).

It’s an ideal way to bring everyone up to a common understanding of the whats, whys and hows of Scrum, and to give them the confidence and knowledge to be productive from the word “go” with their next Scrum project.

Objectives & Outcomes

The course itself follows a mini Scrum process allowing the delegates to feedback throughout the course, monitor burndown of topics, and influence the priorities for the group as a whole. It features three standup meetings , two short Retrospectives, as well as prioritisable course modules, nearly all of which include presented material and exercises, case study work or game/role-play elements.

Discussion and feedback is a featured part of the way the course works, so that delegates have the opportunity to relate Scrum principles to their own projects and experience.


  • Access to laptop
  • To make the most of this course and ensure PSM I certification is achieved, some preparatory reading is required

Module Sections

  • Stand-up 1 (introduction)
  • What is scrum? Roots, Rules, Roles and Rites
  • Case Study Introduction
  • Agile Planning and Estimation
  • Stand-up 2 (Focus)
  • Daily Work and Feedback
  • Sprint Outline
  • Dry Run Test
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Retrospective (learning effectiveness)

Module Sections

  • Stand-up 3 (Exam issues)
  • Test preparation
  • PSM I Exam (1 hour)
  • Reviews Keeping on Track with Stakeholders
  • Retrospectives Principles and Techniques
  • Introducing Agile
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Agile Contracts
  • Retrospective (takeaway actions)

The instructor is very knowledgeable on the products and it was valuable having the training on site. The instructor assessed the relevant experience of the class and structured the training based on that experience, which made the class interesting and very useful.

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