Atlassian Cloud vs ClearHost

Can’t use Atlassian Cloud despite its popularity? We understand.


Atlassian Cloud vs Clearhost

In this short but comprehensive video by IT Operations Manager and Atlassian expert Lewis Lovelock, we compare our self-hosted solution for Data Center users, ClearHost, with Atlassian Cloud.


  • Why some businesses can’t use Atlassian Cloud.
  • What ClearHost is.
  • ClearHost as an alternative to Atlassian Cloud.
  • Services for both Atlassian Cloud and ClearHost customers.

You can’t afford to miss this, especially if you work in a regulated industry. If you don’t want to manage application and operating system (OS) security, backups, upgrades, uptime or monitoring, then you should learn about ClearHost. It will take five minutes of your time and could save you years of hassle.

Lewis Lovelock, IT Operations Manager

Lewis Lovelock is the IT Operations Manager at Clearvision. He is in charge of the management of customer support, IT operations, services and internal support functions across the business. Having worked as a Cloud Engineer previously, Lewis is passionate about hosting and oversees the delivery of Atlassian-hosted applications to customers using Amazon Web Services as a backend infrastructure. He is experienced in EC2, RDS, EBS, VPC, EFS, ELB, IAM, S3, AWS Backup, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Systems Manager and Amazon Linux.


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