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Our consultants understand your business and can help implement, assess, or migrate your applications. Get maximal benefits and minimal risk, no matter the platform – Atlassian Cloud or Data Center.

The Benefits of Federating Jira Instances

According to research 99% of enterprises believe that all of their users can operate from a single consolidated environment, but within a short space of time the majority end up with more than two instances of the same tool, immediately creating a federated environment.

Service Teams

Service Teams 101

Straighten up your service and make life easier for service teams, with Clearvision. Service Teams 101 White Paper.


The New ITSM

A guide to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and the future of service teams.

Modernising at scale

Modernising at Scale

With the digital transformation of government, public sector organisations need to embrace the tools and services that will help them save time and money. In this white paper, we’re sharing some of the lessons from our work with a variety of government bodies. Learn how to modernise and collaborate more effectively.

Git 201

Git 201 – Beyond the Basics

What you’ve always wanted to know about Git but were too afraid to ask
Git 201 is your guide as you explore Git’s more complex functionality, written by Clearvision’s experts – the people who use Git every day. Download the guide and dive in!

Git 101

Git 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Essential guide to the basics – This simple guide will give you everything you need to get started with Git. Simply fill in the form to receive your guide instantly via email. Informative, concise and easy to digest, contact us if you have any questions after reading through the subject most relative to you.

Performance at Scale

Performance at Scale: Jira Data Center

This white paper will help you get to grips with what we mean when we talk about “performance at scale”, and give you the advice and information you need to achieve it. Get to grips with Jira Software Data Center and ensure your teams never get blocked by unexpected downtime or slow response times again!

It Service White Paper

The Secret to Legendary IT Service

The team at Atlassian share their secrets to legendary IT service. Covering service to customers, internal IT support, and even how to scale services beyond IT, this white paper will give you all you need to take your IT services to the next level.

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