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Need a specific skill? ClearHub will find a Contractor with the skills and the personal qualities to compliment your team. All ClearHub Contractors are vetted, tested, and supported by Clearvision experts.

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Atlassian Contractors

Atlassian Contractors

Atlassian Contractors

From project-based Contractors to permanent hires

Hire an Atlassian expert for as long as you need them. ClearHub places short, medium and long-term Atlassian Contractors, and can even help you fill permanent roles.

Hire Cloud Migration Experts

Cloud Contractors

ClearHub sources Atlassian Contractors with expertise in Cloud migrations – to help you and your team adjust quickly.

DevOps Contractors

Developers, Testers, and Engineers

ClearHub’s roster of technical Contractors specialise in Atlassian software and collaboration tools. Whatever you need an expert for, ClearHub can help!

Agile Contractors

Coaches, Scrum Masters and PMs

Develop an approach that works for you. Whether it’s Scrum or Lean, ClearHub Contractors will deliver the results you need on Agile projects.

Atlassian Contractors Explained in 1-Minute

IT Teams

Experienced Atlassian Contractors

Atlassian Contractors can do it all.

-Every ClearHub Contractor must pass a strict vetting process.

-All Contractors come with a risk-free guarantee.

-Support is provided by Clearvision’s Atlassian experts.

Only the best

Elite-level, highly-experienced, and armed with technical knowledge. All ClearHub Contractors have been skills tested and verified by our Atlassian experts.

Why hire Atlassian Contractors from ClearHub?

When it comes to mission-critical software, some things are non-negotiable.


ClearHub’s Atlassian Contractors are technically tested and verified for suitability.


Whether you’re in the office or remote, ClearHub will find the Atlassian Contractor that fits you best.


Short, medium, long-term and permanent roles –hire in skills for as long as you need!


Clearvision’s Atlassian experts fully support ClearHub Contractors.

Trusted globally

“The excellent team at ClearHub helped us understand the steps required for our Jira migrations.”

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Expert resources

Learn more about hiring Atlassian Contractors. Download an in-depth white paper, or read the ClearHub blog for the latest news and expert opinions.

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How to Increase the Value of Any Contractor You Hire

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Atlassian Cloud has been the direction for a while. In this post, we explore why and how ClearHub is helping teams transition.

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