Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Data Center


Stability, scalability and high availability for mission-critical Atlassian applications.

Performance at scale for your Atlassian tools

As a business grows, the weight of the load on its servers does too with users simultaneously accessing the intranet and applications. This often results in latency, poor performance and even downtime. Atlassian Data Center uses multiple node clusters to manage enterprise-level workloads.

Atlassian Data Center provides users with the ability to run on multiple nodes with externalised data stores. Enterprise businesses are turning to it for the stability, high availability and reliability needed for teamwork at scale.

The benefits of Atlassian Data Center

Distributed load

Each node in a Data Center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance.


Data Center deployments work alongside industry-standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems to minimise single points of failure.

Active clustering

Cluster multiple active servers to ensure users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of unexpected hardware failure. Admins can route certain applications, teams or geographies to specific nodes in a cluster.

Safe and secure

Atlassian Data Center comes with enterprise-grade security and collaborative workflows. With Bitbucket Data Center, repositories are protected by firewalls, and permissions are customisable at the global, project, repository and branch levels.

Concurrent user capacity

Use any form of load-balancing technology, hardware or software to intelligently distribute loads across a Data Center cluster.

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