4 Myths About Apps In Cloud Debunked In 2 Minutes

4 Myths About Apps In Cloud Debunked In 2 Minutes

When it comes to moving from Server to Atlassian Cloud, a common concern for customers is apps. In just 2 minutes, we debunk 4 myths surrounding the matter.

Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud is more app-friendly than you think

Cloud myth #1:

Cloud has fewer applications.

The Atlassian Marketplace has 1,000+ applications and integrations for Cloud products with more being added as time goes on — in the first half of 2020, Atlassian launched 225!

The following popular Server applications are already available in Cloud: Insight Asset Management, Jira Workflow Toolbox, JSU Automation for Jira, Structure, and ConfiForms.

Integrations with SaaS tools like Zoom, Jenkins, Slack and GitHub are also supported thanks to Atlassian’s partnerships with these organisations. There are even dedicated development teams working on both sides who are there to support users. This means there’s a number of benefits to be reaped including deeper embedded functionality, seamless workflows across tools without loss of context or having to switch between screens and first access to feature enhancements.

Cloud migrations

Cloud myth #2:

It’s not possible to migrate my apps to Atlassian Cloud.

Migration tools like Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant simplify app assessments and migrations to show what apps are in use and what is available in Cloud. This allows users to map out their migrations and understand their priorities with oversight into team workflows.

It’s true, some apps require contact with the vendor to migrate data, but Atlassian is working on an automated process to bring application data to Cloud.


On-prem vs. Cloud

Cloud myth #3:

Compared to on-prem, app functionality in Atlassian Cloud is limited.

On-prem applications may differ from Cloud, but differences do not equate to less functionality or applications. In fact, app functionality in Cloud is sometimes more robust.

Many teams prefer the Cloud UI and Cloud apps can greatly improve workflows, collaboration, and planning.

Did you know, Atlassian Cloud supports around 50% more integrations than Server?

Atlassian Cloud app security


Cloud myth #4:

Cloud apps aren’t secure.

If concerns over security are what’s keeping you from migrating, read on.

One of Atlassian’s more recent improvements was the launch of a new Cloud security badge in the Atlassian Marketplace. This badge aids customers in their search for Cloud apps that participate in the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program and embrace ongoing vulnerability testing from a global pool of ethical security researchers. The Cloud Security Participant badge has evolved over time to include more rigorous testing and industry-standard security assessments including CAIQ-Lite.

So there you have it, the truth! If you’re considering migrating to Cloud and joining the 94% of businesses who noted improvements in security, talk to us. Increased profits, productivity, performance, scalability, and innovation are just some of the added bonuses you are sure to enjoy.

Clearvision is an award-winning Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with security-cleared staff ready to help you migrate your apps and provide you with support. Check out our support packages here.

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