Atlassian and the acquisition of code barrel

Atlassian and the acquisition of code barrel

Atlassian announce the acquisition of Code Barrel — October 2019.

Automation for Jira

Founded by two of the first engineers who were involved in the building of arguably Atlassian’s most famous application Jira, Nick Menere and Andreas Knecht set up Code Barrel in 2016 to focus on the creation of add-ons for Atlassian products. Now four years on, they return to the mother ship.

They joined Atlassian in 2005 when there were only a handful of developers working on the product which is now used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Co-founder Nick Menere stated it’s the only company he’d ever return to.

What is Automation for Jira

An undoubtedly obvious candidate for an acquisition, Automation for Jira, has benefited over 6,000 companies.

Users often face the pain of work duplication and having to manually enter information into different systems, a very time-consuming job that takes focus away from accomplishing end-goals. Automation for Jira removes mundanity by simplifying the automation of recurring tasks in Atlassian’s issue and task tracking application.

The no-code tool allows users of Jira to create scripts without having to be a programmer, set time-based rules for those that run based on triggers inside of Jira, and features third-party integrations with SMS, Slack and Microsoft Teams, amongst others.

Automation for Jira will remain in the Atlassian Marketplace for the time being at the same price.

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