Atlassian Cloud — Scaling From 5,000 To 10,000 Users

Experts at Atlassian are continuously working to improve their cloud offering, extending capabilities and introducing new features.

Atlassian Cloud

Scaling from 5,000 to 10,000 users

In an ongoing effort to position themselves as a cloud-first organisation, Atlassian has doubled the previous amount of users on a single instance for Cloud Standard and Cloud Premium versions of Jira Software, Jira Core, Confluence, and corresponding Marketplace apps from 5,000 users to 10,000. This is to help Atlassian Partners and larger customers with their scaling requirements in the cloud.

According to Atlassian, application scalability and performance are key to enterprise customers who place their faith in Atlassian Cloud. It is this trust that inspired them to create a Scalability and Performance Review.

The Scalability and Performance Review

The Scalability and Performance Review is for migrating customers only and enables partners like us to guide our customers effectively through the next stages of their journey.

It is not intended for those growing their existing cloud site incrementally, i.e. from 4,000 to 5,400 users and so on. Nor is it intended for those buying a new cloud site without migrating data from an existing Server/DC instance.

The Scalability and Performance Review helps by:

  • Providing transparency into Atlassian’s process and methodology used for scale load testing.
  • Building confidence in customer decisions to migrate.
  • Identifying areas of concern regarding scale and performance.
  • Allowing follow-ups based on findings.

Scaling successfully

Cloud technology makes scaling faster, smarter, and more affordable than on-premise servers by a long shot.

In a rapidly changing environment, modern organisations must learn to grow, but successfully scaling a business isn’t easy — roughly 90% of companies source external help to support their scaling initiatives. Concerns surrounding cloud such as security breaches and so on have driven this decision, but things like rigorous testing, disaster recovery plans, and encryption at rest assure customers that they’ve nothing to worry about.

Cloud migrations

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we perform cloud migrations for businesses of all sizes regardless of whether they are interested in Atlassian Cloud, Private Cloud or our own hosted offering, ClearHost.

We strive to do what’s best for our customers by evaluating their requirements and taking them to an environment that’s most fitting to their needs.

If you’re considering Atlassian Cloud, or want to know more about other available options, contact us using the form below.

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