Atlassian Cloud Vs On-Prem Performance

Atlassian Cloud Vs On-Prem Performance

Nothing can impact business productivity more than the performance of your tools. In this post, we look at the benefits of Atlassian's Cloud performance over on-prem.


If your tools go down or begin to slow down it can cause a big loss in productivity, screen time, and it can even negatively impact your customer relationships. This is why it comes as no surprise that performance is the chief concern when businesses start thinking about migrating to the Cloud.

Thankfully, these performance concerns are unwarranted. In fact, network performance is currently the primary reason businesses move to the Cloud, according to a survey by INAP. With guaranteed uptime, automatic scaling, and automatic performance upgrades, it’s no surprise. 

A concern people have in regards to Cloud migrations is that Cloud is slower than other on-premise environments, but this is certainly not the case. While not all Cloud providers are the same, today’s top of the line Cloud tools are often faster than most on-prem services. 

Another apprehension surrounding Cloud is that any outage would cause massive problems for both you and your team. While this is true, Atlassian’s Premium and Enterprise Cloud plan offers financially-backed uptime guarantees with stable performance history. Alongside this, Atlassian now offers free extended migration trials that match the length of your remaining Server maintenance (up to 12 months) to help businesses evaluate and migrate over time without disruption.

The Performance of Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian’s Cloud performance stands out amongst the rest for many reasons, such as the fact it’s hosted on AWS, one of the best Cloud providers on the market. As well as this, Atlassian Cloud offers 99.9% uptime guarantees, globally distributed data centers, and Statuspage, which always has real-time updates on system availability and performance. On top of all this, Atlassian also leverages economies of scale to provide its thousands of customers with the best technology, latest improvements, and an excellent level of expertise.

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