Atlassian Enterprise Releases

Atlassian Enterprise Releases

Just over a year ago, Atlassian announced that Enterprise Releases of Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence were available.

Recently, the second wave of Enterprise releases were announced. In timely manner, we’d like to remind our customers that they exist,and why they’re useful.

What are Enterprise Releases?

Let’s start with the name, delicately chosen by the Atlassian Marketing team to confuse a mass audience. But first, let’s set the record straight:

  1. If you are not an Enterprise, then Enterprise Releases might still be really useful to you.
  2. Even if you are an Enterprise, Enterprise Releases may not be appropriate to your needs.

They are a specific software release version, that Atlassian has committed to producing updates such as high priority bug fixes, and most importantly fixes for security vulnerabilities for a period of time, (two years from the launch date of the product).

These types of releases are commonly called ‘Long Term Support’ (LTS) releases, you will be familiar with this term if you deploy Linux, Java or other products that have adopted this release pattern.

If you have deployed a version that is not an Enterprise Release, then you will need to upgrade to the next feature version of the product, in order to receive any kind of update.

Why is this useful?

Updates to Enterprise Release versions, are minor modifications, targeted at addressing specific issues alone. This means there’s no new functionality, no changes to the user-experience, no changes to the platform requirement, and the Marketplace Apps will be supported. All in all, it will be a quick and low-risk upgrade.

If you are a company with an annual upgrade cycle, then this is an ideal choice for you, if your organisation chooses to  upgrade more frequently to take advantage of new features, then deploying Enterprise Releases won’t give you much of an advantage.

What will I miss out on?

Enterprise Releases, only guarantee the fixing of critical bugs, vulnerabilities, or performance issues. Minor fixes will not be addressed, and if they are affecting you, then you will need to upgrade to a feature release.

You will of course miss out on the new functionality, being added to the products regularly.

Release Versions

Atlassian Enterprise Releases Table

What about BitBucket, Bamboo, etc?

Erm, we’ll come back to you on that, but currently they are not available as Enterprise releases.


Get in touch with us today to enquire about any of the above.


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