Benefits of Personality Profiling for Business

Benefits of Personality Profiling for Business

Personality profiling provides us with an insight into the way people act and react, and can help to identify people's characters and attributes. Here, we look at how this can be beneficial for a business.


At the heart of every business is people, and more and more companies now recognise that improving the way teams work can have endless benefits for the business. This can involve anything from improving the team mentality, to allowing better communication or creating an environment that promotes productivity.

Using personality profiling, businesses can engage with their employees as individuals and recognise their unique needs. This allows them to get the best performance out of every member of the team. If you know how to explain your thoughts to anyone in the organisation, and in which way they prefer to hear it, this helps to:

  • Build strong, balanced teams;
  • increase team collaboration; and
  • make people more efficient and productive.

Benefits in Recruitment

Recruitment is one area where for many businesses the process is outdated. It often doesn’t allow companies to gain a comprehensive insight into the candidate or how they might fit in as part of the company.

Having prospective candidates complete a personality profile prior to interviews allows the recruitment team to get an insight of how that person may fit into the role and the team. It will also give the interviewer an idea of what to expect from the candidate during interviews. This allows them to prepare the best way to communicate with different candidates to get a true reflection of their characters.

A personality profile can also be useful during an interview as it lays the groundwork for discussions about the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and character. This may encourage them to be more open about who they are as a person, and therefore give the interviewer the best chance of making an informed decision about them.

Effective communication

Personality profiling also allows better communication between all members of the business, as well as any partners, clients, or other external parties who you may have the profiles for.

Having an overview of the personality of the person you are communicating with means that you can communicate with them in a way that encourages a positive response. For example, you might tailor an email to someone who prefers direct, to-the-point delivery differently than if it were to someone else who prefers a more personal and friendly approach. Knowing this prior to sending the email can avoid you waffling or coming across as rude to the wrong recipient.

Adjusting the way you communicate accordingly can also help to avoid misunderstandings or confusion. It also increases the chance that the person will be receptive of whatever you are trying to communicate,making them more likely to understand your point of view. This could be:

  • a colleague who will be more likely to get involved with your new project;
  • a manager who will be more likely to authorise funding; or
  • a client who will be more likely to buy your product.

Improved Collaboration

Not only can personality profiling for business allow better communication, but it also lets you to work together better as a business. Insightful profiles can allow you to put together stronger teams of people whose strengths and weaknesses complement each other. Within these teams, it is also easier to delegate tasks based on individuals strengths. This translates to stronger team dynamics and a more proactive way of working in all areas of the business.

Within the business as a whole there will also be an opportunity for a greater sense of openness among employees, as profiles can be made available to everyone, allowing them to gain insight into their colleagues.

Additionally, it will be easier to avoid and resolve conflicts, as people will be better prepared for someone else’s approach to a certain task or how they might react to a certain comment. This reduces the chance of someone getting offended by another person’s blunt tone, for example. It could also allow feedback to be delivered in a way that will not be construed as overly critical by the recipient.


All these benefits sound great, but the difficulty comes in integrating personality profiles into the workplace. Once each staff member has completed a personality profile and been sent their individual results, how can a business encourage employees to use that information in their everyday work?

Teamify is a Confluence app that offers a solution to that problem. Created by Clearvision in partnership with Clarity 4D, Teamify allows personality profiling to become fully integrated with Confluence in a way that enables all the above benefits and more to be put into action.

With Teamify, a radial graph showing personality results along with bullet points of strengths and tips for communication will appear on each employees profile, and in a popup when hovering over their name. As well as this, Teamify allows you to create unified team profiles, combining the data of different people that you put into your team to show the overall strengths of the team.

Clarity 4D uses colour profiles presented as radial graphs as opposed to more traditional ways of profiling character traits. This is to avoid traits being perceived as either good or bad, and also avoids pinning people into certain groups. This supports Teamify’s focus of developing relationships, improving workflow and reducing conflict through mutual understanding.

The video below offers a better explanation of how Teamify works and how it can benefit you.


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