Clearvision CEO Gerald Tombs optimistic about 2021

Clearvision CEO Gerald Tombs optimistic about 2021

In this article, we hear from Clearvision CEO Gerald Tombs on what he’s most looking forward to in the year ahead.


Being a business leader, you must have a lot of ideas and things you’d like to prioritise at the beginning of each new year. If you were to choose one what would it be?

“In 2021, I want every customer to be amazed by the level of quality and customer care they receive from us. It is that which sets us apart from every other Atlassian partner out there, and we will continue to do this by challenging norms and going beyond expectations.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

“I’m looking forward to continued success with our entry in the Best Companies to work for awards. We were position 32 last year and although it will be very different from previous years, I’m confident in our chances. We supported many people through serious sickness and mental health struggles. When childminding was an issue, we showed considerable flexibility and adapted. Through good and bad times, we have all shown ‘we give a damn!’”

Anything else?

“Whilst we have switched to adopt a remote-first approach, I’m looking forward to when COVID is out of the way and we can celebrate with a big party in Southampton. We have had many new starters who have not had the benefit of meeting all the wonderful Visionaries in person. What a great day that will be. Until then we must all maintain a solid professional working habit from home.”

About Clearvision

Clearvision is an award-winning Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, offering something unique for every team. They can assist with Cloud migrations, support, project management and more for the Atlassian Stack and beyond including and Mendix low-code solutions.


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